As we have noted before, remote working arrangements have exploded. And with the expected continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic, many firms already announced that this will go on well into 2021. If not longer. For some people, the enjoyment and productivity of working remotely is diminishing. Thus, we now cover a guide to happier remote working.

From Cotswold Co.: A Guide to Happier Remote Working

Who better to offer a guide on how to have a happier physical environment for working from home than a furniture designer? 🙂

The Cotswolds didn’t just give us our name. Known for its natural beauty and rural charm, this unique region of England continues to inspire everything we make and do. A place where laidback lifestyles meet stylish yet practical homes. It taught us the importance of creating timeless, understated furniture and accessories you can build a home [and home office] around. Wherever that may be. That’s forever furniture. And that’s what you’ll find here at the Cotswold Company.

In its four-chapter guide, Cotswold’s focuses upon:

remote workers who are based in their own home, and the unique challenges this presents. It’s become a more popular way of working as there are plenty of benefits for both employers and employees. So that, you don’t waste time or money travelling to an office. You can schedule your work around family life. As a result, it can have a significant impact on your quality of life. But it’s not always easy, especially if you have to adjust from the traditional 9-5 in an office environment.

To access the free guide, click on the infographic.

A Guide to Happier Remote Working


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