After a tough year due to COVID-19, travel and tourism Is bouncing back in 2021. As Euromonitor forecasts, the global economy will continue improving this year, after a real downer in 2020.


A Brighter Outlook: Travel and Tourism Is Bouncing Back in 2021

For this post, we turn to YouGov, a London-based international research data and analytics group. Recently, it conducted a comprehensive review of the global travel and tourism industry.

According to YouGov: [Note: To access a free copy of the full report, complete the simple login.]

In this report, we share the views of approximately 185,000 survey respondents. From 25 markets globally. The representative sample shines a light on the travel plans, considerations, and motivations of over 2.5 billion consumers.

The road back to normality will be bumpy. During the next 12 months only one in five consumers globally plan to travel internationally. Therefore, expect fierce competition. YouGov helps capture the best data and insights about the new travel landscape, brands, and consumers. Which are highlighted in the 2021 report.

Since January 2021, a gradual fall in the number of people concerned about health risks exists the globe. Encouraging for travel companies. And in line with approvals of vaccines and their widespread rollout. With more herd immunity in various parts of the world, it’s reasonable to expect to see health concerns declining. Even if they don’t disappear completely.

Below, we  show a few key infographics from YouGov. To learn more, download the full 60-page report.

Travel and Tourism Is Bouncing Back in 2021

Travel and Tourism Is Bouncing Back in 2021

Travel and Tourism Is Bouncing Back in 2021

Travel and Tourism Is Bouncing Back in 2021


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