Today, more consumers than ever are interested in their health. As a result, firms need a better way to design and market products.

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Using Science: A Better Way to Design and Market Products

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many consumers are more careful about what they buy. With less interest in marketing hype. And greater interest in science-backed brands.

With that in mind, consider these observations from Emily Safian-Demers, writing for Wunderman Thompson Intelligence:

A heightened focus on health is reshuffling the hierarchy of consumer priorities. In the wake of a global pandemic, consumers put more stock in medically and scientifically endorsed offerings. Indeed, 89% of Americans put their trust in medical scientists. In addition, those reporting a great deal of confidence in medical scientists has gone up from 35% before the outbreak to 43% in April, according to Pew Research Center. Brands are harnessing that trust by enlisting medical professionals and spotlighting scientific credentials.

For example:

In August 2020, Cerebelly, the baby food brand created by a neurosurgeon to help support early childhood brain development, announced that it would now be stocked in Target. And rolling out in 1,500 stores across the U.S. The expansion reflects a rapidly growing demand. The company has seen a 1,000% growth in revenue since launching in October 2019, with a pouch sold every 15 seconds in 2020 as of August 5.


“Consumers want proven performance benefits. Post-pandemic, we will see an increase in clinical, science-backed brands that can evidence claims.” As Jenni Middleton, director of beauty at WGSN, told Vogue. She explained that “consumers have gotten used to hearing from, and trusting the opinions of, medical experts during this crisis.”

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A Better Way to Design and Market Products

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