With several supermarkets involved, as well as fast-food and other firms, meatless meat is a food option worth pursuing. As a result, we look at what is ahead for meatless meat .

Consider this, from Sarah Mitroff, writing for CNETWant to get you hands on an Impossible Burger to try it yourself? There are now thousands of independent restaurants that serve it. And you can find the nearest store with the Impossible Burger location finder. And, in 2019, it’s also popping up on more and more chain restaurant menus, too. 

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What Is Ahead for Meatless Meat

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In Food Marketing: What Is Ahead for Meatless Meat

To learn more, we turn to McKinsey’s long-term view of meat alternatives and its marketing.

One McKinsey researcher, Tamara Charm, puts it this way:

“Ninety-five percent of people we studied in a qualitative study said that health was one of the primary reasons that they were eating alt protein. And over two-thirds said that it was the primary reason. I think another thing that was surprising is, when you look at what they’re substituting for — and what they’re eating less of — to eat more alt proteins, it’s not red meat. It’s not burgers: it’s fast food or processed meats.”

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4 Replies to “What Is Ahead for Meatless Meat”

  1. Meatless meat is the new trend for better healthier lifestyle. It is also can prove beneficial for the society in reduce carbon emission and animal cruelty. However, the one factor that consumers should ask themselves are the price. The price of beyond meats is little bit expensive than usual meat. However that doesn’t stop the consumer for consuming protein, newer generations are more health conscious and don’t want animals to have gruelling conditions before it comes to their belly.

  2. More and more restaurants offer alternative meat, offering a variety of menus to meet various customers’ needs. The two giants that product meatless meat, Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat have collaborated with a number of chain restaurants. According to Vox, “Impossible Foods announced partnerships with Burger King, Qdoba, and dozens of other restaurants and franchises. Their competitor Beyond Meat started selling at restaurants including Del Taco, Subway, and most recently KFC”. The alternative meat is made from plants and is absolutely safe. Despite the many uncertainties in nutrition science, meatless meat can help avoid the risk of cancer, compared to “red meat”. People raise the awareness to maintain their wellness, having more vegetables and less meat, which makes meatless meat more popular.

  3. To the videos credit there is a disconnect between what consumers are saying they want and what they perceive to be true. Take for instance, soy is a controversial protein. According to a Harvard post, soy can affect hormone levels. Another interesting comment was about eco-indulengce. All-in-all, plant-based diets will begin to grow as conscious consumers are willing to alter their diets, which they are. However, there are a number of health implications we as consumers and producers are not calling to attention that need to happen before can skyrocket.

  4. Consumers are making sure they are aware of what they are placing into their bodies, and are finding ways to become healthier. The Impossible burger and vegan meats options have become so popular because of the perceived and felt health benefits. It’s important to note that people who have decided to follow this diet have noted feeling physically and mentally better than when they were consumer processed proteins.

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