Super marketing for healthier eating is a play on words. Since, we are referring to the excellent efforts by supermarkets to help YOU make better food choices. And they use technology in these efforts. To be specific, with mobile apps.

Eating and behaving properly are especially vital with so many of us now quarantined due to COVID-19. WE probably should not engage in these practices. Ice Cream Mania and Americans Eat a Lot AND Fast.  🙂 🙁


Kroger’s OptUP: Super Marketing for Healthier Eating

To grasp, the value of food nutrition apps, we look at the example of Kroger’s OptUP:

In a world of nearly endless food options, it can be challenging to make healthy choices. Introducing OptUP, a NEW Kroger app, that makes better for you shopping so much easier! We simplify healthy shopping by providing easy to use nutrition scoring and food recommendations based on what YOU buy. We’ll also track your nutritional progress overtime, and allow to you make wholesome choices for the entire family, right at your fingertips.

Review the short video overview.

For further information on the benefits of the app, visit the Web page shown here. Then, maneuver around that page. Remember, this is a mobile app.

Super Marketing for Healthier Eating


Other Good Apps for Better Health

Kroger’s OptUP is only ONE example of a healthy-lifestyle app. For lots of highly-rated non-supermarket apps, click the images below.


Other Good Apps for Better Health

Other Good Apps for Better Health

Other Good Apps for Better Health

Other Good Apps for Healthier Eating

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