What’s your answer to this question? How healthy Is YOUR lifestyle? In reality, the honest response for many Americans would be not very! In 2014, we wrote about How Healthy Are We? Perceptions Vs. Reality. And overall health has declined since then. Americans Eat a Lot AND Fast. Thus, we return to this topic again. 

Thank you Jack Milgram, today’s guest blogger. He is a writer and blogger. And Jack is a contributor to a prior post on landing the dream job. In the post, the content and graphic come from Jack. Today’s blog complements our own post from October 2017. Eating, Living Better.


Doing Better: How Healthy Is YOUR Lifestyle?

Keeping a healthy lifestyle feels awesome, no doubt about it. But it might be quite tricky to establish such a lifestyle in the first place. It requires a decent amount of patience, dedication, self-discipline, and willpower, as well as a clear understanding of what goals you want to achieve. Even though this might all seem difficult at first, once you get the hang of it, you won’t ever be willing to go back to your old regimen. And in the end, it will all pay off greatly.

There are actually a lot of correlations between leading a healthy lifestyle and having improved performance in studying. You can find out a lot more about how you can improve your lifestyle and what benefits you’ll get from it just by checking out the infographic down below. It contains a set of healthy lifestyle habits to develop, hobbies you might want to pick up, and scientific facts proving that all of these strategies actually work.

Take a look at the infographic to learn more. And consider each of the 24 points presented. Then, apply these tips. Become a healthier you! And answer “very.”


Doing Better: How Healthy Is YOUR Lifestyle?

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