Every year, participation on the Web increases. By country and around the globe. Earlier this month, we examined the amount of data generated online. Now, we review what happens each minute on the Internet. The level of our online activity is truly staggering. This is important information for both companies and Web content consumers.

As of June 30, 2020, Internet World Stats estimates that 4.8 billion people globally use the Internet.


A Statista Infographic: What Happens Each Minute on the Internet

Consider these observations from Claire Jenik, writing for Statista: 

A lot can happen in a minute. And even more happened in an Internet minute in 2020, the year that made the world change radically. As COVID-19 impacted our lives in a never expected way, many aspects of life — work, education, economy, entertainment, to only cite a few — moved online.

According to data compiled by Visual Capitalist, a single Internet minute holds more than 400,000 hours of video streamed on Netflix, 500 hours of video uploaded by users on YouTube, and nearly 42 million messages shared via WhatsApp. That same Internet minute also contains more than 6,500 packages shipped by Amazon. In addition to an incredible 208,333 participants in Zoom meetings.

Take a look at this infographic compiled by Statista for more amazing online usage data.

What Happens Each Minute on the Internet

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