We need to well understand shopper online-offline psychology to beat our competitors. And it is a key part of consumer decision making.

These posts look at an aspect of consumer psychology:


Shopper Online-Offline Psychology: Inside the Minds of Shoppers

Thanks to Josh Wardini for authoring this section of today’s post: “Shopper Online-Offline Psychology: Inside the Minds Of Shoppers.”

“With all our senses going into overdrive at the whiff of a promotion offer, shopping behavior may appear inexplicable. But, there is a method to this madness. Whether you wonder why you can’t resist the urge to buy, or want to learn how to sell more, shopper psychology points you in the right direction.”

“To begin, the shopping process starts unfolding with need recognition. The unmet need to address here transcends just the physical. It includes the need for affiliation, prestige, and nostalgia These elements add to the value of a brand. Our senses play an enormous role in determining our shopping experience. For example, the color green, as Groupon knows, often draws an association with wealth and the sense of ease. And music keeps prospective customers lingering in stores longer. Also, Dunkin’ Donuts took the use of senses in marketing a step further in South Korea by spraying a coffee scent in public buses whenever their signature jingle played on the radio. As a result, with  coffee-craving customers flocking to stores, sales skyrocketed.”

“With online shopping and E-commerce taking over, it is no wonder that shopper psychology now seeps into the digital landscape as well. Today, customers are inundated with options in the online experience. Thus, factors such as Web site speed, visuals, reviews, and many others, influence their final purchase decision.”

“Understanding how shoppers think involves an extensive study of its own. Thankfully, the infographic below from 16best.net breaks it down into bite sized facts anyone can grasp. So, check it out!”


Shopper Online-Offline Psychology

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