How important are status and status symbols to YOU? For some marketers, this topic resonates strongly. How can they create and sustain markers of success?

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The Marketing of Status and Status Symbols

For psychological and financial reasons, many consumers eschew expensive socially-driven purchases. Yet, even a lot of those people look to purchase at least a few reasonable-priced status symbols.  Why?

As Lexington Law puts it:

“Just like birds decorate their nests with things that shine, humans collect indicators of the status they’ve achieved. That’s why status is so frequently confused with wealth. Since money is universal collateral, having a lot of it will gain a person a high rank in basically any community. That’s why so many people want to appear rich (whether they actually are or not).”

“But money isn’t the only unit of community value. A political leader, for example, might earn status through proven hours of service and genuine connections with members of their constituency. Someone in a highly skilled industry, like a chef, might cultivate their sense of esteem by competing for and displaying prestigious culinary awards. Artists and actors can be dirt poor and still revered for their talent.”

“In each community, status is measured differently — and the symbols that are coveted by members of that community are different, too. Not only that, but those symbols are constantly changing. The more people have something, the less impressive it is, and another top symbol will arrive to take its place.”

The following Lexington Law infographic highlights “The Psychology of  a Status Symbol.”

Status and Status Symbols

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  1. I found the change in diet fact to be quite interesting. Never thought about meat as a status symbol… Then thinking on it further, when someone goes for the steak or lobster at dinner the first thought is “wow they are going all out tonight!” or “wow he/she must have some money to spend.” Great read!

  2. Status symbol can be an important factor on an culture or a individual. It feels he/she as achieved something has joined an elite club. It gives an access to more networking and resources. I can totally relate to this infographic list.

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