As the COVID-19 crisis continues, marketing strategies keep evolving. With that in mind, we consider marketing lessons from COVID-19. In essence, how do we become better marketers? In both the short-run and long-run.


Tips from the Pros: Marketing Lessons from COVID-19

For these tips, we turn to Attest, a marketing research firm. Its report, “30 Lessons COVID-19 Has Taught Marketers,” is quite useful. [A free login is required.]

While we’d all agree that COVID-19 isn’t a welcome addition to 2020, the pandemic has given us pause for thought. For marketers, this has meant a chance to reflect on practices, habits and beliefs, which in some cases have been ingrained for years. In the worst affected industries, marketing professionals have had to completely tear up the rule book and start from scratch. It’s not been easy, but it’s led to a surge in innovation and creativity – and helped to unite the marketing community.

There’s no doubt that marketers will come out of this stronger, more agile, more effective, and better able to work together. We wanted to celebrate these positives, so we asked marketing professionals to share with us the most important lessons working through the pandemic has taught them. Read on for pearls of wisdom across all spheres of marketing, from PR to pricing. In all, thirty lessons.

Click the image (showing the first three lessons to access the free report.

Marketing Lessons from COVID-19

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