With the coronavirus at hand, it is imperative to be prepared for daily crisis management.

For further advice, review one of our posts from last week. Leading Through the COVID-19 Crisis.


Insights About Daily Crisis Management

MIT Sloan Management Review provides many helpful resources. Among them are a series of podcasts. Encompassing twenty different topics. From analytics and strategy. To to marketing. To technology and implementation.

Recently, MIT Sloan Management Review presented a podcast on Leading Through a Crisis Day by Day:

“We’re now in the midst of an unprecedented health crisis and a growing economic crisis. For leaders, it can be hard to know the best approach to managing the day to day. As well as managing for the future. Enter this week’s guest. Eric McNulty, associate director of the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative at Harvard.”

“Of course, even the best leaders never lead alone. Indeed, they never lead in a vacuum. Currently, during the coronavirus outbreak, just like during any other crisis, strong leaders must think about leading in four dimensions — down, up, across, and beyond. During this episode, McNulty explains how to follow this approach, while emphasizing these three big points: (1) Stay true to your purpose. (2) Continually build trust. (3) Invest in others.”

Listen to the podcast here.


In addition, McNulty is the co-author of You’re It: Crisis, Change, and How to Lead When It Matters Most. The book sells for $17.99. To access it, click on the cover.


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