Last year, during the height of the pandemic, we pondered the short-term future after COVID-19. But, what about the longer-term future? One topic of great importance involves urban areas.  Now, we look at reimagining cities of the future.


At Siemens: Reimagining Cities of the Future

Currently Siemens is involved with reimagining cities. And using Logitech video collaboration. As Logitech describes events:

Logitech’s fully-integrated video conferencing tools helped Siemens collaborate virtually on a global scale. Today, the City Performance Tool helps cities like Vienna, Seoul, Mexico City, and more find sustainable paths forward.

Recently, more than 500 cities worldwide declared a climate emergency. Thus, Siemens saw the need for an adaptable sustainability solution. One that could  help both developed and emerging cities meet sustainability targets. Working throughout the pandemic, the globally distributed team created the City Performance Tool in response. 

Now, watch a video:

To help build sustainable cities of tomorrow, Siemens brought together specialists from across the world. Thereby, reimagining the fundamental infrastructure. Which supports how we live. Working over video collaboration with Logitech technology. They built the a scalable roadmap and strategy. Thus enabling cities to evaluate and apply green technology principles. See how Siemens uses the power of video collaboration to reimagine the cities of the future.

Just click the image to see the video.

Reimagining Cities of the Future


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