How are you doing today? Are you and your loved ones well? We hope so. Given the continuing spread of COVID-19, we offer ten tips to reduce anxiety. Look at the infographic below. And it is from

In addition, you may want to look at How to Be Mentally Stronger. It also features an infographic of tips.


Ten Tips to Reduce Anxiety

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“Life is stressful. It’s hectic. It’s busy. At times, it is absolute chaos. If you have kids or a crazy demanding job, or a job with huge responsibilities, it’s even more stressful. If you’re a business owner responsible for the livelihood of others, it can be downright nerve wracking.”

“No matter the reason why you’re stressed, the point is that you’re stressed. Your stress and anxiety is real – even if you think you have nothing to be ‘that’ anxious over,. If you are, you are! I have battled anxiety for years and it can really wear you down if you don’t try to stay ahead of it. While I [Allison] do use prescription meds to manage it, it was a lot for me to accept that I needed some assistance, so increasing my dosage is just not something I’m ready to tackle at this point. While having a glass of wine at night is a quick fix to unwind, for me I just don’t want to drink daily- and I definitely don’t want to get in the habit of needing to drink daily.”

Click here to read a deeper discussion of each tip. 

Ten Tips to Reduce Anxiety

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  1. Thanks for posting these tips!!! And thank you for continuing to post on this blog. It’s lovely to have something nice to read.

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