Today, we add to the toolbox of how marketers use artificial intelligence. The future is exciting.

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Fresh Insights as to How Marketers Use Artificial Intelligence

Recently, eMarketer published FIVE charts on how marketers use AI. Here are three of them. To view all five charts, click here.

“Two popular ways that marketers apply AI involve ad targeting and audience segmentation. In  May 2018, Econsultancy and MediaMath surveyed 400 digital advertising professionals worldwide. And just one-fifth of respondents don’t plan to use AI for audience targeting or audience segmentation. In fact, nearly half of those polled already do.”

“Now, grouping together and reaching users is a pragmatic way for marketers to apply AI. In addition, cloud conglomerates like Nielsen, IBM and Salesforce have invested millions in AI. Their products automate the creation of custom audience segments for marketers.” 

How Marketers Use Artificial Intelligence

“Also, AI also gives marketers added insights about their customers. In April 2018, a survey of 200 U.S. marketers was conducted by LoopMe and Sapio Research. And one-third of respondents felt the most valued insight from AI entails how their ads impact sales.”

How Marketers Use Artificial Intelligence

“Further, AI engages in data analysis. In January 2018, a survey of 2,665 senior professionals worldwide was conducted by Adobe and Econsultancy. And it found that data analysis was AI’s most common use case among client-side and agency respondents.”

8 Replies to “How Marketers Use Artificial Intelligence”

  1. I think it is really interesting how marketers are implementing AI into their jobs. Personally, I believe it has a lot of potential to enhance the advertising experience for a lot of consumers, which would only benefit businesses. In addition, as the blog mentions, I feel that AI has the potential to allow businesses to gain new insight into their consumers’ wants. I also believe that, at the rate that this new technology is developing, companies should jump in on this opportunity soon if they have not already.

  2. Using AI for market research seems nice, but what will happen when the AI we make can make subjective judgements of its own, have morals, or hold grudges? One or more AI could easily mislead businessmen/women into making a large scale of wrong purchases. Something should be put under law in advance of this.

  3. Artificial Intelligence is a technology which is growing in popularity and reliability within the daily functions of our everyday lives in order to make our tasks easier and less time consuming. We constantly are relying on AI robots like Siri and Alexa to help us with simple tasks just by speaking to them, and having them always listening to what we are saying just to be ready for that one command. I think AI is important at the level it is at now with robots such as those, but there will come a time where the robots are able to take jobs away, causing a major unemployment spike, and causing them to, possibly, have more control over the humans in the jobs we do and everyday simple tasks. It is very interesting to see how companies are choosing to use these technologies and how they are advancing AI even further as society continues to be driven by technology.

  4. During this era of Big Data, many companies have collected enormous amounts of information—but the key is data mining it and using it in effective and responsible ways. The data itself doesn’t have any value until it’s analyzed and applied. Fascinating to learn that AI is part of the solution.

  5. Artificial Intelligence is something that is now invading nearly every aspect of life, so the fact that it’s making its way towards the marketing field isn’t all that shocking. It’s an endlessly fascinating and intriguing concept, and with products such as Siri, Alexa, Hey Google, and others on the rise, it just shows how useful they can be, so of course it makes sense to move them from personal to professional use. However, not to be all ‘the end is nigh’ but we must think about the consequences of what seems to be a semi-dangerous form of innovation. AI has the potential to take away countless jobs, and to soon dominate the marketing industry and other industries as well. The advancement and constant innovation of AI is something that I can’t help but be a bit terrified by!

  6. That was amazing and nicely brought out…it is true that these advancement ni machine intelligence will surely give a boon to or effieciency but will also distrupt human dignity and safety…
    I have also covered many points regarding artificial intelligence…kindly read share and give ur opinion.

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