As we head into the future, artificial intelligence (AI) will play an even more significant role. And some firms are leading the way. For that reason, today we cover artificial intelligence insights from Intel.

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Background: Artificial Intelligence Insights from Intel

For years, Intel focused on computer chips. And it became — and remains — the leader in that product category. But now, due to competition and the reduced importance of PCs, Intel is branching out. In big ways!! One of these ways involves artificial intelligence.

As Intel recently noted:

“If your firm hasn’t yet incorporated artificial intelligence (AI), you can be certain that it will soon. AI  has a lot of potential. For instance, it will impact everything from the way a firm interacts with customers to how it hires employees.”

“In November 2017, executives indicated in a survey that AI is becoming a bigger priority. According to the survey, 64 percent noted that they plan to invest in AI over the next three years. Still, while executives know that A.I. is critical, 35 percent said their top challenge involves understanding what an AI solution involves. And 22 percent said budgeting remains an obstacle. Even so, more executives know that if they don’t adopt AI, their firms are at risk of being left in the digital dust.”


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Artificial Intelligence Insights from Intel


Video Examples of Artificial Intelligence Insights from Intel

To better explain the roles of AI and Intel’s prowess with it, Intel produced several videos. And are four of them.


An Introduction

“In the data center, the cloud, and at the edge, business, science, and academia use AI applications. And they are supported by a broad, growing portfolio of Intel technologies. So, watch Naveen Rao, Intel VP and GM, Artificial Intelligence Products Group, explain how Intel helps make AI initiatives practical and straightforward.”


AI and the Brain

“Intel Labs and Princeton Neuroscience Institute use AI to enable neuroscientists to map the human mind in real time. Thus, unlocking secrets on how brain activity affects learning, memory, and other cognitive functions.”


AI and Personal Finance

“Clinc decided to build an AI Personal Assistant App to connect individuals quicker and easier to their financial data. At that time, it recognized the need to leverage the latest in machine learning and deep learning technologies. Thus, existing natural language algorithms weren’t sufficient. And Clinc collaborated with Intel to reach higher standards. The resuIt is Finie. Now, learn more about how they solved a real problem with AI.”


AI and the Driving Experience

“Data and analytics are driving the new Intel and Ferrari partnership. And how we are using AI to power the driving experience. From in-car analytics to video monitoring to drones, better synthesized data gives drivers an edge as the industry evolves.”


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