As the title of our post notes, digital privacy is still a big issue. And it seems to be getting worse. Unfortunately, online hacking seems here to stay. So, what can be done to better protect our privacy? Below are an infographic and a video.

In 2018 alone, we wrote about topics such as these:


An Infographic Review of Digital Privacy

Virtually every day, we read about more invasions of our digital privacy. Thus, our level of trust keeps going down. As reported by Watchdog Reviews in January 2019:

“We enter a crucial period in the history of online privacy. With consumer confidence in leading tech firms at a very low level. Trust in more established tech giants like Google remains steady. However, respondents are less enamored with how social networks handle private data. For Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter, respondents are clear. Start taking user privacy more seriously.”

Now, take a look at the infographic from Watchdog Reviews.

Digital Privacy Is Still a Big Issue

Digital Privacy Is Still a Big Issue

Aversa, Hervas-Drane, and Evenou wrote about “Business Model Responses to Digital Piracy” for California Management Review. They concluded:

“Digital piracy challenges firms by reducing revenues and shifting consumption habits. Recently, some firms have successfully leveraged business models against piracy. However, the understanding about this phenomenon still lacks depth and structure. We examine the traits of digital piracy in some affected industries. And we present comparative case studies of two iconic firms, Spotify and Netflix. Then, we analyze their digital business model responses. Lastly, we consider a generic digital content distributor. We explain how business model responses contribute to value. Theoretical and practical implications for technological innovation, firm diversification, and network competition are also discussed.”

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