Ad blocking has become an enormous problem for firms marketing online, going from nuisance to major threat. As a result, there are ad blocking challenges and opportunities to consider.

To begin, read Technopedia on ad blocking:

“An ad blocker is a program that will remove different kinds of ads from a Web user’s experience online. The programs target such ads as pop-ups and banner ads. Online ad blockers work in many different ways. Thus, some are standalone programs. And others are features of more comprehensive customizing services. Or add-ons for a particular browser or operating system. Some browser-specific programs work well in a particular environment. Others work with Windows or other operating systems to block ads.”

“In general, users have options for blocking different kinds of ads. Some programs delete cookies and other Web markers to limit ads. Thus, Web proxy programs  can effectively block ads. And some users choose to block Adobe Flash to stop annoying video ads. These are common on some Web sites. Also, freeware programs may use simple principles to block out ads.”


Ad Blocking Challenges and Opportunities

Looking ahead, what must we know about ad blocking challenges and opportunities? To learn more, we turn to various sources.

  • In 2017, we reported that both Facebook and Google set stronger rules for advertisers.
  • As a result of these rules, many firms feel more confident about where their ads will be placed. And it will be better for them if annoying ads are blocked.
  • On February 15, 2018, Google Chrome will introduce its own ad blocker. And according to TechCrunch:

“This won’t block all ads on all sites. Instead, it’ll stop ads deemed overly annoying or intrusive. But it will block all ads from sites where even one ad displayed on the site doesn’t meet its standards.”

“Google has worked with publishers to ensure they’re in compliance with the new standards in advance of going live. It’s done a lot to make sure that this wasn’t sprung on anyone without warning.”

“Also, Google hopes that by building ad-blocking into Chrome, it can ease the concerns of consumers who find intrusive ads ruin their experience. But not have them resort to more restrictive third-party blockers. Those could cut into their own primary business – which remains selling ads.”

Ad Blocking Challenges and Opportunities
Ad Blocking Challenges and Opportunities


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