For most of us, a key goal is becoming more anonymous online. We really want to protect our privacy and data as much as possible.

These prior posts highlight the challenges to this goal:


Tips for Becoming More Anonymous Online

Thanks to Katie Santos of Siege Media for these observations about becoming more anonymous online:

“If you know the Internet, you’re likely aware of cybersecurity. In fact, it is “the state of being protected against the criminal or unauthorized use of electronic data, or the measures taken to achieve this. So, how exactly do we protect ourselves against criminal or unauthorized use of the Internet? This question is daunting to the average Internet user. Thus, we’ve gathered some measures to take to better secure anonymous status online. Because, taking steps towards anonymity is the only way to protect your identity.”

“Before discussing proactive steps, we’d like to quickly touch upon a few of the possible cyber crimes. What is a cyberattack or crime? It can come in many forms, generally  difficult to detect by nature. And that makes them so dangerous. Cybercrime encompasses well-known forms of security breaching referred to as hacking and identity theft. As well as lesser-known termed methods: phishing, data dibbling, SQL injections, theft of FTP passwords, cross-site scripting, virus dissemination and logic bombs.”

“Thankfully, whatever the attack, you can take dozens of preventative measures. The first step to securing your online anonymity involves ensuring that each time you use the Internet, you have an untraceable connection. And that meanings you connect to a safe and secure Wi-Fi network. In addition to a secure browser when searching the Web. In the second step, maintain your anonymous status online by encrypting your E-mail accounts so to ensure communication remains entirely private for you and all others involved in the thread. Finally, check out this infographic from Panda Security to discover further ways to remain anonymous online.”


Becoming More Anonymous Online

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