As we have discussed several times, people are becoming more reluctant to share their personal data. And the recent and ongoing criticisms of Facebook illustrate this. Thus, where do you stand on this question? Would YOU willingly share data with third parties?

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Would YOU Willingly Share Data with Third Parties?

According to Cookie Script:

“Third-party cookies are set by a Web site other than the one you are currently on. For example, you can have a “Like” button on your Web site. And it will store a cookie on visitor’s computer. Then, that cookie can later be accessed by Facebook to identify the visitor. Also, it sees visits to other Web sites. Another example would be an advertising service (ex: AdSense) which creates a third-party cookie to monitor Web sites visits by each user.”

As reported by eMarketer:

“People are becoming more suspicious of sharing data through third parties. A recent Vision Critical survey of digital buyers in North America found that 80.1% of respondents would be comfortable sharing personal information directly with a brand to  personalize marketing messages. But just 16.7% would be OK with sharing this type of information through third parties.”

“And third-party data has become a hot topic due to Facebook’s problems Cambridge Analytica. In this instance, information was harvested without people’s permission for voter targeting purposes. The growing skepticism toward data collection was reflected in a Gallup survey of 785 Facebook users in April 2018, in which 43% of respondents said they were very concerned about invasion of privacy. That was up from 30% in 2011.”


Would YOU Willingly Share Data with Third Parties?

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