Yesterday, we studied how to be happier at work. That post was upbeat in nature. And it mostly looked at positive things we can do. Now, we turn to bad work habits to avoid.


SIX Bad Work Habits to Avoid

Not only must we focus on positive goals. But we must know what bad work habits to avoid. Virtually of us have some bad habits that we should eliminate. Right? 🙁

Again, we turn to PayScale for tips:

“Were you late to work more than once over the past week? Do you spend your lunch breaks gossiping about your boss? Or maybe you’ve been putting off an important task because you don’t know where to start? No one is flawless. We could all confess to at least one bad work habit, or more, that we know is holding us back. When you’re building your career, striving to be on top of your game matters. But what happens if a bad work habit is getting in the way of pushing your career forward? It’s not too late to correct the course.”

According to PayScale, we especially need to avoid these six bad habits:

  1. Showing up Late — Consistently showing up late to work isn’t good. Even if you make up the time by working later, first impressions last. If you’re rarely at work on time people will start to assume you lack discipline.
  2. Negative Body Language — Consider your body language when you’re feeling tired versus relaxed, stressed versus engaged, and frustrated versus enthusiastic. There are huge differences between those emotional states. And our body provides silent cues that demonstrate loud and clear how we’re feeling inside.”
  3. The Out-of-Control Inbox — Few of us achieve the infamously elusive inbox zero. But creating a system for organizing and processing your emails will help you work smarter.”
  4. Constant Gossiping with Your Co-Workers — In addition to disrupting the workplace, gossiping can impact morale, hurt others, and damage your credibility in the process.”
  5. Procrastinating   People who procrastinate are often perfectionists. They can struggle with starting or completing a task because they want it to go perfectly. Others leave important things to the last minute because they choose to harness the adrenaline rush of ‘I’m almost out of time, I’ve got to get this done immediately.’”
  6. Constant Complaining — Not only does complaining leave a less than favorable impression on those who listen to you, the perpetual negativity impacts how your mind works.”

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Bad Work Habits to Avoid

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