I regularly ask my undergraduate and graduate students: Why should an employer want to hire YOU? What can YOU offer that is distinctive?

One good way to answer to these questions is by publishing material online through your own blog or at other Web sites. By doing this, you can show off your Web-related related skills, highlight your own expertise on a specific topic, and demonstrate how well you write.

Recently, Mark Miller presented some great observations on this subject for Business 2 Community.

“Writing is one of the most productive things you can do for your career. You don’t have to be seeking attention from creative recruitment agencies in order to benefit from it, either. On a personal level, you grow your personal brand and get an opportunity to show off your communication skills–something that’s valuable no matter your field. From a job perspective, it can help you draw attention to your employer’s company, drive traffic to its site, and have a positive impact on SEO.”

“The advantages to being a published author are many, but getting started isn’t easy. That’s something I found out the hard way working closely with content marketing recruitment. I’ve spent much of 2016 developing my authorship profile, developing relationships, and creating opportunities for myself and others in my business to share our ideas and insights. Now that I finally have some momentum going, I wanted to share some of the lessons I learned so you can avoid making the same mistakes and get a head start!”

Here are a few of Miller’s suggestions:

  • Know “what you bring to the table that’s unique enough to justify being read over dozens of similar articles and posts.”
  • “If you’re first starting out, begin with smaller publications even if they have much smaller readership. You can even self-publish on a personal blog or on a site that allows anyone to self-publish like LinkedIn.”
  • “Most blogs and Web sites that publish regularly and accept external contributions will have easy-to-find, publicly accessible editorial guidelines and directions to submit content.”
  • “Building up a portfolio of published articles and opinions takes time, and a lot of it. And submitting content, communicating with editors, and finally getting published will probably take longer than you think.”

Click the image to read a lot more tips from Miller. And look at the links below the image.



13 Replies to “Enhance Your Career Credentials”

  1. I liked this article for a few reasons. First is how Mark Miller says that you need to know what makes you special and what you can bring to the table. I am a realistic person who does not like to play a fake act that I know is bs and does not show who I really am. I always found that being honest works out best in the end because everybody ends on the same page. Also, I do like the idea of publishing your knowledge onto websites, or your own blog. That is new to me and I think it would be a great idea because it shows the companies and people you know that you do care about your work, and career.

  2. I loved this article for a couple reasons. To start with is the means by which Mark Miller says that you have to recognize what makes you unique and what you can convey to the table.There is tremendous competition, but this will seperate you from the pack. I am a sensible individual who dislikes to play a fake demonstration that I know is bs and does not indicate who I truly am. I generally observed that being authentic works out best at last since everyone closes in agreement. Additionally, I do like distributed your insight onto sites, or your own particular blog. Im starting my own blog myself and working on it extensively!

  3. I think this article is great. I agree with Miller when he says that you have to find what makes you unique. Anyone can have good computer skills or social skills but what makes a person stand out? He also mentions starting in a small. He advises his students to start at a smaller publication and I agree. You have to start small to learn. You can’t jump into a big company knowing nothing and expecting it to go well. It’s like swimming. You start at the shallow end of the pool and after you learn, you can dive into the side that 9 feet deep. He also talks about building a portfolio. We aren’t all publishers, but the idea of building yourself is important. Do things that help you acquire new skills. This will make you more desirable to employers..

  4. This article is great because it presents a different and unique idea of being successful. When it comes to getting good careers, it seems to be that everything is about experience, resumes, and grades. This is a thinking outside of the box idea that is a great way to show people the person that you are. I think this is a great idea!

  5. This article is very inspirational for candidates who are seeking for a job. Resume and interview are not enough for today’s recruiting. Many HRs will know the candidates more by the candidates’ own websites and blogs. Social media and websites are necessary for today’s candidates. People can put their works, portfolios and own stories on their websites. Social media and blogs are not so formal like the interviews; they are good and direct ways to show the web owner’s specific characters and dispositions.

  6. I never thought about the idea that a way to separate yourself from others is to blog or post web-related material. Many people choose to participate in sports, clubs or other organizations in order to hone in one’s skills related to organization, teamwork, and service but blogging is a unique skill which I have learned can have a significant impact in differentiating oneself. Although there are other distinguishing factors I have, showing off my writing skills are something I could possible use to better showcase my creative and communicative abilities.

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