Do you — or someone you know — own an iPhone 6s? If yes, what was the price? We know that in the USA, service providers are not providing heavily discounted smartphones the way they used to with the formerly standard two-year contract. Nonetheless, smartphone prices still vary by provider and by deal.

With the above in mind, how do average prices of the iPhone 6s vary around the world? As Felix Richter reports for Statista:

“The iPhone is not exactly cheap in the United States, but considering the prices that Apple fans have to pay in other parts of the world, the roughly $700 (depending on the state’s sales tax) that Americans have to shell out for an iPhone 6s seem like a regular bargain  — according to the latest issue of Deutsche Bank’s ‘Mapping the World’s Prices’ report.”

“While Apple has always been a producer of high-end devices, the iPhone’s price has recently become more of a problem with respect to the company’s overseas success. With dozens of Android devices available at a fraction of the iPhone’s price, even the appeal of the Apple brand may no longer be enough to win over emerging market customers. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook recently admitted that prices in markets such as India were high and that the company would be working on solutions to bring the price down to a certain degree.”


You will find more statistics at Statista.

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