A.T. Kearney publishes a yearly Global Retail E-Commerce Index™:
“The Global Retail E-Commerce Index™ ranks the top 30 countries for their E-commerce potential, based on several variables that rate both a country’s current market and its potential for growth. The findings provide a wealth of information for retailers to use in developing successful global E-commerce strategies and identifying emerging market investment opportunities.”
“The 2015 Global Retail E-Commerce Index highlights the big and the small: the countries that are always going to be E-commerce behemoths because of their size, and the smaller yet still-promising markets where potential matters more than size. This dichotomy plays out in the results of this year’s Index. The world’s largest markets for E-commerce dominate the top half of the top 30, led by the United States, China, and the United Kingdom. In the bottom half are some smaller markets, such as Mexico, whose potential for growth is impossible to ignore.”


Click the chart to access the full list of the top 30 E-commerce countries for 2015, along with ratings on several factors.


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