As we have reported before (see, for example, 1, 2), there are a lot of marketing trends to follow in 2016.

Recently, Selligent and StrongView produced their “2016 Marketing Trends Survey,” based on surveys of business executives.

Eleventy Marketing Group has summed up the 9 key trends identified by Selligent and Strongview:

  1. The majority of marketing budgets will increase.
  2. E-mail, online, and related efforts are where most companies will increase their marketing spending.
  3. More traditional marketing and advertising efforts will see the greatest spending decline this year.
  4. Subscriber engagement and improving segmentation will be top E-mail marketing priorities.
  5. E-mail life-cycle programs will be a key focus for many companies.
  6. The biggest E-mail marketing challenges are leveraging data and improving targeting.
  7. Demographic, purchase history. and online behavior are the top email marketing data sources.
  8. Data quality, resources, and access are key challenges to using data in E-mail marketing.
  9. The big three [Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter] still reign supreme when it comes to social media.

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13 Replies to “More Marketing Trends for 2016”

  1. Apparently, whether marketing strategies are proper definitely influence the result of operating a new product or service. More and more sector executives are thinking about how to appeal to more customers, to get a higher loyalty and to acquire more advocates. so when they implement these marketing tactics, increasing money is necessary.

  2. I think the marketing budgets have been increasing every year as the companies have realized how important it is to get the consumer’s attention. Due to technological advancement more companies have shifted to advertising online rather than to advertise traditionally. Companies that cater to the younger generation have received a boost from e-marketing.

  3. Paying more attention to customers is a great way for a company to increase target, profit and the reputation of the company itself. paying attention to customers’ right such has their voice and their right to choose, increase their satisfaction. This show a company’s strength for knowing how to deal with his customers. And a company can turn their satisfied customers to loyal and trusted customer. This can increase more profit and target. Increase in advertisement also will increase the market budget because many people get to see the improvement of the company’s product.

  4. It was interesting to read the potential marketing trends for the year 2016. As a consumer I personally look forward to the increase in online marketing trends. I always have my phone in my hands researching and using the Internet to look up new products/services, so I look forward to the increase in online efforts. I know that the use of e-mails for marketing purposes acts as a direct form of communication for me.

  5. It seems more and more companies realize the importance of marketing and consumer expectation. The main idea of these nine trends is based on the improvement of technology. The existence of social media and e-mail definitely brings convenience to information dissemination. Companies will continue to pay attention to social media as well as e-mail, and utilize their features on marketing.

  6. I agree that email and relevant things will become the key for the success. However I have one question about customer privacy. For those companies or websites we have registered, we are willing to accept the additional information of new things and updated news. But I think most people have the experience that receive emails from the companies or websites we never register before. That’s quite annoying.

  7. It’s true that data equals to money. Nowadays more companies donated themselves into seeking out the buying patterns through the data analysis. Data quality, resources, and access are the keys to make correct prediction of the market, this new trend also create more opportunities to many companies in the segmentation competition.

  8. The following article was not surprising to read. With the speedy advancements in technology I can see how “The majority of marketing budgets will increase” or “Demographic, purchase history and online behavior are the top email marketing data sources.” The use of e-mails through E-Marketing has and will continue to especially change the dynamics of marketing overall; these advancements in technology will continue to adjust online advertising.

  9. It was interesting to read about how marketing budgets have increase over the years due to technology increasing. Due to the budget increasing it has allowed companies to realize the importance of using effective marketing strategies to advertise and create business. These nine trends have created new opportunities for business to grow and become successfully. The use of social media and email has allowed companies to use different marketing stargaties and advertise in a variety of ways online.

  10. As businesses have realized the importance of marketing to have a successful business in the long run, the marketing budgets have increased in the companies. However, there has been a shift of advertisements techniques used by companies now. The use of internet has increased greatly, to market to consumers. Companies will be spending more on developing their online, internet fronts to be able to reach more customers. As a result the spending on traditional marketing will decline, as it not be much effective.

  11. It is interesting that overall marketing budgets will be increasing, yet traditional advertising ways will be a smaller amount. Online and modern marketing is becoming the new standard and pushing more traditional strategies out.

  12. I think its interesting when it said “The big three [Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter] still reign supreme when it comes to social media.” I honestly never would have thought that these would be the three social media platforms that will outrun every other social media platform in the future. Needless to day technology is always changing so i guess i really shouldn’t be that surprised with these marketing trends for 2016.

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