Some of us know what our “dream career” is, while others are unsure.

As Ashley Macey writes for Brit + Co (a new media and commerce company that enables creativity through inspirational content, online classes, and do-it-yourself kits):

“Finding a job that has everything you’re looking for isn’t quite as simple as the movies make it out to be. Whether you’re still deciding on a major in college or are looking for a midlife career change, there are so many ways that people suggest determining which career path is right for you that it can get a bit daunting. From researching entry-level salary reports to what you’re doing wrong on your resume, the learning really never ends. So if you don’t know exactly what you want to do yet, no biggie. These six personality tests will give you all the information you need to narrow down your options in 10 minutes or less.”

Here are links to the six entertaining and informative quizzes suggested by Macey:

  • Which Hogwarts House Do You Belong In?According to a study published in Personality and Individual Differences, your preferred Hogwarts house actually hints at your psychological personality.”
  • IIP RIASEC Markers — “After grouping jobs into six categories (realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising, and conventional), this test examines the different personality characteristics associated with each category.”
  • Color Quiz — “Based work by Dr. Max Lûscher, this test asks you to choose colors to reveal your personality and biggest challenges. It’s useful for answering questions about strengths and weaknesses in job interviews.”
  • Open Hemispheric Brain Dominance Scale — “Some psychologists use this to learn more about perceived personalities. Are you right-brained or left-brained? Find out where you should focus LinkedIn searches.”
  • The Birkham Method — “Widely used by corporations, this test will give you insight into everything you’d ever want to know regarding your career, from areas of interest to strengths and needs.
  • The Nerdy Personality Attributes Scale — “Thinking about pursuing a career in the hard sciences? This test quantifies how nerdy you are by answering a series of 26 “agree or disagree” questions.”

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7 Replies to “What’s Your “Dream Career”? Try These Personality Quizzes”

  1. I took the color quiz and it says that I am creative and emotional which makes it sound like I shouldn’t be getting into business. However, it also says that I am always seeking new and unusual activities so maybe that would help me bring new and creative ideas to my future job.

    1. I took the color quiz and it says that I have a strong desire to contribute and influence others, but it can make her restless. she is driven by her desires and hopes. Enjoys a wide range of activities, but she may spread herself to thin taking on too much.” It is quite interesting and it reflect my real life situation now.

  2. These interesting quizzes make me recall the memory, when i was a girl in primary and high school. Many Children like some magical predication, just like Tarot. The quiz “Which Hogwarts House Do You Belong In” is my most favorite one. I prefer to be Harry Potter, and the result also shows i belongs to Gryffindor. However, I still think this kind of quiz which is easily influenced by other elements is not reliable for identify yourself.

  3. I think it’s an amazing tool to be able to type into google, “career quiz” and there are a variety of different quizzes and surveys to take that will produce results of personal strengths and weaknesses. One of the best I ever took was given by the University of Pennsylvania, it’s called the VIA survey of character strengths. You have to create an account to take it and it’s a pretty lengthy quiz, but it produced amazing results. It told me my top strengths and it was all so accurate and it allowed me to really reflect on the things I wanted to work on about myself, and the things that I really needed to learn to better appreciate. It also helped me apply who I was as a person, with confidence, to the working environment. Sometimes the act of just reading through something allows us to either consciously identify with what it is saying and accept it as true (which can help us navigate our identity) or we can totally disagree with something, which still in turn helps us navigate our identity.

  4. Online quizzes are my favorite. You can can catch me taking random quizzes when I probably should be doing something more productive. Today I found out what Hogwarts House im in and I got Gryffindor. Obviously that quiz is silly but a quiz such as the color quiz may have a more meaningful outcome. I don’t know the science behind the color quiz but reading my answers I realized how accurate they were. Some of these quizzes are silly and fun but maybe some of them have real answers that could help a person answer basic questions.

  5. I also took the color quiz. It said i was smart and innovative. Although i don’t really think these online quizzes are accurate, I think thats exactly what i am, and exactly what i need to be to have a successful business career. It is definitely not an easy career because you must always make the best decisions, while working with what you have.

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