Samsung, which makes major appliances as well as other consumer electronics is set to introduce its “Family Hub Refrigerator” in Spring 2016. Do YOU think this product will be a winner? Read on.

According to Samsung:

“Transform your kitchen with a revolutionary refrigerator featuring a Wi-Fi touchscreen that lets you connect with your family, manage food, and entertain like never before. Display your calendar, notes, recipes, weather, and more. Look inside remotely with a built-in interior camera. Create shopping lists and order groceries. Stream entertainment, including news, music, and TV.”

The new refrigerator is expected to have a list price of $4,999!


Here’s a YouTube video reviewing the product.

13 Replies to “The Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator: Winner Or Loser?”

  1. I think The samsung Hub Refrigerator will be a winner because it provides advanced technology that makes customers more comfortable with new ways of delivering and new ways of interacting with products. This refrigerator will make customers’ shopping much easier than before because customers can use the refrigerator’s app from their cell phone which can provide them information about every foods that are store in the refrigerator. And based on those informations the customer would know any foods that the family is running out of. I think customers will be willing to buy this type of product because of how samsung stimulate the product and customers love new technology. This attract customers to buy products.

  2. This refrigerator will be very beneficial for people with their day to day planning. Also, shows how helpful technology has become in our lives, and made it easier. However, the refrigerator will not be affordable by many people. $4,999 is only the household income for many families, so buying a fridge with a month’s income is not feasible. Samsung should be targeting the product only to particular customers.

  3. I believe this refrigerator will have great success because this new technology is nothing like any of the other “smart fridges” that we have seen in the past. This fridge makes it convenient to shop quicker and more organized. In my household, each family member is in charge of writing down the foods we need restock off and it can be annoying to do. Everyone relies on each other to write up the list. However, this fridge is able to scan whats inside and when its time to shop, it lets us know what we need more of on its own with images which is helpful because we sometimes forget how many quantities we need more of when it comes to a certain food product. Even though this fridge is pricey, I believe it will still make success because people love new technology and the newest of the new out there.

  4. I believe that this fridge from Samsung will be a loser. I believe that technology is very useful in everyday life but I don’t think that it can be implemented into everything. First off with most refrigerators on the market ranging from $1,000-$2,000 the price tag of $5000 is extremely steep. Even if I had the money to spend on this I wouldn’t buy it. They market many features that seem cool when you see it but are extremely useless in person. (An example is the heart-rate monitor on the Galaxy S5.) I believe that having a camera inside the fridge is useless and is a feature that will hardly be used. I also feel that the niche for people needing this type a fridge is extremely small. Most people will not be able to afford it. In summary I believe that this product by Samsung will be a flop.

  5. I think this fridge is simply a WOW! This samsung refrigerator has got world class technological features we have never seen or heard of before and these features would simply make one’s life much more easy and less stressful about effective stocking of grocery in the fridge/kitchen but then talking about its success, I personally think that the higher price of this fridge can hold it back from being successful in the market. A common middle class person would never be willing to spend $5,000 for a refrigerator. However these are my views and I am just being rational. I would love to see how people react when this product is launched in the market.

  6. I think The samsung Hub Refrigerator is really innovative and i think it is the future for grocery shopping. But the only problem with this Refrigerator is its price. I don’t think that people would be willing to spend about $5000 on a Refrigerator. It will be a big success in the future when the future when they figured out a way to reduce the price of this product. Until then this Refrigerator has a small market.

  7. WOW! This product is such an innovative idea and I think Samsung is very smart to begin marketing a product like this. There is heavy competition for smart phones and Samsung is being strategic by diversifying their products. This conglomerate diversification by expanding away from phones while still leveraging their core competencies (technology and human capital/skill) is an intentional and strategic move made by Samsung. I believe beginning to design technology products that are useful for consumers in their everyday lives will give Samsung a competitive advantage in the market place. I think if Samsung can get the price of producing this product down, it will be much more successful in entering the marketplace. A consumer can purchase a refrigerator for about half of the cost of this refrigerator. so if they can convince consumers that the benefit of this refrigerator is worth double the cost, they have a real chance at being successful with this innovative idea. Personally this is something I would love to have.

  8. I wish this refrigerator wasn’t so expensive because I would love to have it in my house! Technology has been stepping up its game with 3D televisions, voice activated cellphones, and self-driving cars, but I never expected this innovation to be applied to such a simple kitchen appliance. Who ever considered the fact that it would be useful to add a Wi-Fi touch screen to a refrigerator? One thing that stood out to me was the pitch that Samsung made in regards to this item. People frequently worry that technology will distance us from each other, but Samsung makes it a point to note that this refrigerator will help you “connect with your family.” They are emphasizing unity and trying to reel in families to support this new device. I am personally on board and hope they invent a cheaper version so I can get one for myself!

  9. I feel like the Samsung family hub refrigerator will be a winner because of its amazing idea to combine the Wi-Fi touch screen with the refrigerator. It will definitely improve the living standard and bring the convenience to families. Since they came out with a new idea of refrigerator, it will bring them competitive advantages in the market. However, Samsung need to consider who are their consumers for this particular product. The price is too expensive for most families. Also, they might not think the value of this refrigerator will exceeds the price they spend on this product. It is better if Samsung can set the price down or offer some discounts so that more people are willing to buy it.

  10. I think the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator would be a loser. Yes it is very innovative, very smart and looks very high-tech, but do we really need such function in a refrigerator? Don’t we know what we need to restore without directly watch the refrigerator inside? And if the screen need wifi, specific app and support from most common stores such as Walmart, Target and so on, it would be more difficult to success. Even the apple pay cannot be used in anywhere yet.
    For some families with high income level, this refrigerator would probably improve the life quality (at least make the kitchen looks modern), but I don’t think it would become the first choice of most families.

  11. This refrigerator is a terrible idea! Just because there are advances in technology does not mean they are better. There is a camera to look inside the fridge instead of opening the door. I do not think that this product will be successful.

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