24/7 Wall St. recently compiled a list of the jobs having the best and worst job security. It used unemployment rates and median wages as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

These are a few of the business-related jobs rated as BEST:

  • Database administrators — Unemployment rate: 1.0%; labor force: 94,000; median annual wage: $80,280
  • Public relations specialists — Unemployment rate: 1.1%; labor force: 149,000; median annual wage: $55,680
  • Medical and health services managers –Unemployment rate: 1.2%; labor force: 644,000; median annual wage: $92,810

These are a few of the business-related jobs rated as WORST:

  • Telemarketers — Unemployment rate: 22.1%; labor force: 77,000; median annual wage: $22,740
  • Tax preparers [NOT accountants or CPAs!!] — unemployment rate: 12.7%; labor force: 125,000; median annual wage: $35,990
  • Door-to-door sales workers and news and street vendors — Unemployment rate: 9.2%; labor force: 172,000; median annual wage: $21,530

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4 Replies to “Which Business Jobs Have the Best and Worst Job Security?”

  1. It came as a relief to see Public Relations specialist rated as one of the best business-related jobs. Given that PR is my major, I’d like to know that after all the time and money spent on college I’ll have a decent chance of getting a job in my field. Of course, these figures can change rapidly. Stability seems to be so rare in the job market these days, and who knows what these statistics will look like two years from now. The rest of the jobs on both the best and worst lists came as no surprise. What did strike me were the salaries, all of which are fairly low. It raises the question of even if a job has stability, is it something worth chasing after if the median wage is under $60,000? My field seems to have this stability as of now, but is it a risk worth taking if I’ll be living on a budget? Maybe there are less secure jobs out there with better salaries. Which is more important: the money or consistency?

  2. I feel that the jobs listed here as the worst job security are very outdated. Also the success of those jobs relies on your ability to persuade other individuals into doing something. Also the pay isn’t very high so it would be hard to sustain a family on that sort of income. The jobs listed with the highest job security involve having a degree in a difficult field of study. It is no surprise tome that those jobs have high job security since those seem to be the types of jobs that are always in demand.

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