According to a Tech Marketing Priorities study by IDG Research, “native advertising, social media, and video are what’s ‘hot’ in marketing today. Find out what areas marketers will be spending their marketing dollars over the next 12+ months. This IDG Research survey was conducted of global senior tech marketing leaders providing insights into key marketing priorities for 2015 and beyond.”


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  1. I think we all know a lot about social media and video, but native advertising may sounds a little bit new..Actually, we have already met it for so many times! We should usually see the sponsored ads in between Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and they all used the same formats with the others posts randomly showed in between your posts. I think the reason why native advertising is an useful way for marketing is the coherence. They all look like the regular posts and people can easily access and trust them. For marketers, knowing how to properly conduct native advertising is essential, it definitely would help you gain more focus on your brand.

  2. 42% marketers are likely to use influencer outreach with paid blogger programs in the future. In my perspective this is a PR campaign, that is, marketers invite some people who are professional or popular in some fields to write blogs or posts including the information of companies and make use of their authority and influence to attract consumers’ attention. This method sometimes is very effective to influence your target consumers, because it is easy to build trust between them and the brands relying on the close relationship of influencers to them, especially in the digital environment. So it’s very insightful for e-marketers to use this approach.

  3. This article and video are very interesting and wasn’t what I expected. I thought that mobile app advertising and video advertising would be more popular, but the most popular was paid blogger programs. I didn’t realize that paid blog posts were so popular. I also think that more E-marketers should do more personal advertising as somebody would likely buy goods that fit their lifestyle more often than a random general advertisement.

  4. This video tells us what is hot in the Tech Marketing. Native advertising, social media and videos are the main marketing strategies in the current days. I think that native advertising play a more and more important role in the marketing world. The mobile advertising and video advertising are still popular nowadays. I believe that e-marketers still need pay more attention to advertising in this aspect.

  5. Tech marketing has grown tremendously, and IDG Research points this out. In the near and far future, marketers will be focused on outreach over social media, native advertising, video, and applications. People, young and old, are all in some way affected by technology. They use pieces of tech and internet daily, so implementing marketing strategies into such products and mediums would do nothing but help the industries.

  6. Native advertising is a big thing in the music industry! Native content is what social media experts find to release on the social medias of their clients. It’s a very cool integration technique to yield higher interaction rates on your social media profiles!

  7. Native advertising is something new to me, maybe to many of other marketers as well. But it makes perfect sense. I think it becomes more necessary because companies have to at least show their professional and sincerity to prospects in order to get their trust and respect.

  8. Finally, tech marketers are beginning to realize the most efficient ways of advertising. Our generation is evolving and we’d like to change things. Paper is a thing of the past and digital tech is the now. I am more likely to be persuaded by social advertising rather than paper media advertising. Bricks and clicks are whats new and social media promotions should be too!

  9. This video shows what is trending in the marketing industry these days. I’ve not heard much about native advertising, but it seems to have been gaining some recent traction with marketers. This video shows marketers leaning more toward tech marketing these days, which seems to be the direction of the generations. Ads on social medias and phones/tablets seem to be the best way to get our attention.

  10. Social marketing and advertising has an immense impact on society this day and age. Almost everything that is popular is related to social media, whether its a campaign or a hashtag that’s trending in your country or worldwide. And of course video content allows for people to spread their thoughts or companies all over the world with just one click. The crazy part is that these people who make youtube or create any type of video content make a majority of their money through advertisements before, during, or after their videos. It will only growing more and more as a result of this generation that is upon us, posting and sharing their lives through social media. Tech marketing is growing as well and will only improve as time goes on.

  11. Last summer, I worked for a company in New York City. The main project of the marketers were to find new ways to use their Internet resources to expand their following and increase sales. The Internet is the current expanding marketing tool. One of the functions they set up was to send text messages to customers who clicked on a certain link on their webpage to notify them of an upcoming sale. They were not yet looking to create a facebook or twitter page, but that would probably be the next step in their pursuit.

  12. Any type of business can benefit from online and social marketing. However, depending on the target audience, the approach can be different. Whether it’s native advertising, social media, videos, mobile app or blogging, it is an effective and inexpensive way to get your message out. Businesses should experiment with different types of online marketing and concentrate on the channel with the most return on investment.

  13. As the video mention, the Native advertising, social media and videos is affecting the marketing , I think the root cause is the technology changed our life behavior, we are more and more rely on the internet, rely on the social app or website. for the marketer, the social media is a huge source waiting you to explore, but I think sometimes we should think about the root cause instead of the phenomena, because only we understand the costumer can make the good marketing decision.

  14. Like this video presented to us, we can see clearly what is going on in the E-marketing strategies, we find that there are several popular methods been using in the pool. As it mentioned in the video, Native advertising, social media etc. To me, Native advertising is kind of new, we need to get engaged with every single new events taking place around. Also, like social media is being used rapidly in order to make more effectiveness in promotions. We need to get on the track with information.

  15. Native advertising is a comparable new advertising approach for us . It means we should involve all the advertising into every news and events. But I think it is a advertising which pushes the customers too much . We don’t want during we watch the program and look at the news , we always find some advertising information hidden inside. So i think the companies should consider how to adopt native advertising properly as well as not make customers heat.

  16. I remember when there was a time when no advertising was done on Youtube. Then youtube exploded and everybody knew what it was, and that’s when advertisers took advantage of this. The video said 37% of marketers are likely to experiment with video advertising, and I think that’s pretty accurate. The idea of watching shows on your computer is becoming more popular, and that’s where marketers will be now and in the future.

  17. Marketers have realized that over the years, people have changed due to their environment. Over the years, more and more people have become acustomed to their televisions, computers, and cell phones, and marketers have definitely noticed this. Now you can see that almost every big name company has twitter, facebook or any other social media account. They are even implementing customer support on these social media sites, making it even easier for consumers to connect with them. The transition to mobile marketing may be difficult for some companies, but it is definitely the way to go if they are trying to keep up with time.

  18. I was shocked to see that marketers are only 35% likely to use or experiment with mobile apps, I guess I’ve always thought that mobile apps played a larger role in marketing. I was also shocked to see that they are 42% likely to use or experiment with influencer outreach since I thought that mobile apps would be used more often. Tech marketing is adapting and growing as trends with consumers and companies are changing.

  19. In my opinion, marketers are slowly reatcting to the current enviornment. I understand that transition to a mobile market may be difficult but it shocks me that marketers are only 35% likely to use mobile apps. I believe that companies should be researching more time into the Native market.

  20. Native advertising and video advertising are becoming more important parts of marketing strategies for companies. Although only 35% of marketers use mobile apps, it is a viable way for marketers to reach their audience. This increase in tech marketing is allowing more companies to enter especially since 5 billion people are expected to have smart phones in the near future.

  21. Again as PR major I agree that social media is going to be one of the top ways to advertise in the future, I again with some points of the video. The video predicts a high raise in online video social media ads, and I disagree. From what I come to know, most people procrastinate on social media sites during school and work when they can not watch videos out loud and would much rather read an advertisement. I think social media ads are great, but I don’t think video ads will do as well as marketers predict.

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