In today’s high-tech marketing environment, personalization has become a major competitive advantage. Personalization can involve products such as the NikeiD footwear line as well one-to-one communications.

As Conversant Media puts it:

“Virtually everyone agrees that a personalized message tailored specifically to an individual’s wants and needs is more likely to drive a transaction than a general one. Here are a few key drivers behind this belief and the increasing interest in marketing personalization: The population is more heterogeneous. Products are more specialized and purchase cycles have fragmented. Media channels and audiences have fragmented. Relentless evaluation, extensive comparison shopping and show rooming are the norm, not the exception. Individuals are more demanding – they expect a seamless brand experience, along with messages and offers that match their particular preferences. As a result of these market forces, many marketers are convinced that personalized communications with prospects and customers are essential to maximize their retail sales.”



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  1. Businesses with goals to implement effective strategies and tactics aiming to become truly customer-centric are the ones that are going to reap the benefits of marketing personalization. The companies that jump into the omnichannel bandwagon successfully using leading-edge big data techniques will have the greatest competitive advantage. Marketing personalization is rapidly advancing and it seems it has reached the point where new tactics require predictive intelligence. Marketing strategies will have to advance beyond the point of simply reacting to customers’ actions, for instance responding to an abandoned cart action. The next steps are to use the customer information to proactively predict what an individual customer wants before that customer even knows it. These are becoming the clients’ expectations and will be the new approach to engage with and meet consumers’ demands.

  2. We know how to duplicate ideas and meet most people needs. But most people who cares about difference and limited numbers of products in this world. In fact, they not only buy products but also one identity and unique. They want to be different so that I can see tattoo is one of the product which is popular now. It is a marketing with personalities. The reason is that every people have different graphic to represent themselves. Another one is university products. Every university has their owe products with their logo to help them do “free” advertisements. This did works because people enjoy feeling and memory or not physical products. I believe in the future most of products will be separated by different groups of people who have their own “personality”.

  3. In my opinion, the idea of this article is correct at most of the time however with a few exceptions. For example, the cell phone industry. The dominator Apple offers very limited personalization options, which are only colors and memory sizes. Motorola, which is far left behind by Apple, allows customers to choose from hundreds of features from inside to outside of each cell phone. I think one unique principle just doesn’t work everywhere.

  4. Nike is the master of creating personalized messages. They do it with a majority of their commercials, which most of their customer base can relate to. The NikeID is something where customers can design multiple sneakers to the way they like them. It gives customers an endless number of possibilities on how they would design their own sneaker. By making individualized commercials it increases the number of customers because if people can relate to something they are more likely to buy it. Nike has effective strategies where they roll out commercials where both girls and guys can relate to. By doing this it can be seen in their sales and how they’ve been on a rise over the years.

  5. More and more customers love personalization. For companies, personalization not only involves products, but also involve services and messages. I think it’s a good way that Companies collect customers information and use these information to optimize their products, services and messages’s personalization to attract prospects and increase repeat customers. What I learned from this post is that try to figure out what are the every customers needs and give them personalized communication, and try to realize completely customer-centric.

  6. I think personalizing marketing is key to the future of marketing. Because different customer has different needs and wants from merchandiser or manufacture. General mass marketing is not going to work anyway, only personalizing marketing will accurately target to your customers and give them a exclusively feel, which help them to become your loyal customers. They even would pay a higher price to be feeling special. Before, due to the backward of the technology, it is hard to do the mass personalization marketing. However, with the very fast development of the information technology, mass personalization marketing is feasible. So the company definitely should use this strategy to win in the competence now and the future.

  7. Personalization of products is a growing market. From sneakers, to phone cases, to cars, personalization is expanding to various industries. It is such a successful application to have because it gives consumers a custom item that they design themselves, making them feel more important to the company. This specialization can implement loyalty and larger profit shares. No one in this world is the same. Individuals have different wants and needs and if companies cater to that, their audience will expand, and overall, their market and sales.

  8. Nike is very creative in their way to make their own products to be personalized. They have a variety of commericals, that show how customers can relate to it. In addition, they have different types of people who represent them, which gives them a diverse image. They have many shirts and they always have diffrenet messages, and different meanings and thus, people feel that a certain saying can relate to them and therefore they buy the shirt.

  9. I agree the blog’s point. The personalization has become a big issue for the marketers. For example, the setup of Nike ID is based on the demand of the personal custom of the personal artists. In the recent years, the assembly line products cannot satisfy the customers. They like following the trend, but they want to manifest their differences among others from the same products. Therefore, people accept to spend a little more money to do a customized product. For the marketers, they had better do the research online and offline to know the demand of their customers, so that they can design their own customized system. In the following steps, the marketers can lead a promotion mix to attract the new customers and keep the old customers. I think the personalizing marketing has development prospects because a lot of daily used items have the customized service, such as the cars, sneakers, and electronics. We will see more customized products in the future.

  10. I think it is fascinating to hear about the infinite number of ways that companies are able to personalize ads and target their audience. It is an increasingly important business tactic and the slideshow breaks down the process in a way that is easy to follow. It seems as though one of the biggest challenges for many companies would be obtaining the database that would allow them to store all of the personalized information about their customers. Actually segmenting a market is also not an easy task and takes research and knowing your products and consumers well. However, as stated in the post, finding a way to achieve this challenge can lead to great increases in sales and interactions. This is a very useful post for all levels of marketers.

  11. Personalization strategies are very popular in nowadays marketing field. Marketers use personalization strategies because not all people behave or respond same toward the same products/services, pricing, distribution and promotions. However, by using personalization strategies, marketers can provide customers with products and services according to individual’s wants and needs. Also, companies can also combine personalization and segmentation skills together because customers from the same segment tend to respond in similar ways and have similar needs, tastes and desires in the market. So it is easier for marketers to divide the market into specific segments, and then reach the target customers they chose with distinct marketing mix and segmentation strategies.

    1. Personalizaed marketing is a innovative way of attrcating attention and building long-last communication with customers. But the basic rule behind this method is a common sence, people like to be noticed, and like to talk things about themselves.

      The thing about personalized marketing is chasing details. The details can give marketers a door to customers’ demand.

      The technology behind personalized marketing could be another hot topic– big data. Big data could give marketers anything they want, from basic information to record of shopping or traveling. Knowing customers more than themselves and dig out need from details could be the essence of personalized marketing.

  12. Personalizing marketing is becoming more and more popular. Like mentioned in this article, Nikeid footwear is a personalization service, I used to buy one customized shoes at and it costed me $140, the price was higher than normal shoes. The reason why I would like to pay more was because It allowed me to choose different colors on different parts, and I can have my name on it. People like to be treated specially and feel great when they have one and only thing but others do not have. I think this is the reason why Personalizing marketing or customized products become so popular nowadays.

  13. Before I think it is hard for us to track personalization, because everyone has different personality and characteristics. However in the digital time, marketers could really realize this goal to reach customers one by one through data management. Analyzing the actionable information through original data is complex and not easy, but significant to the success of personalized campaign. Right tools for data collection, sorting and responding are extremely helpful to release the difficulties in this process.

  14. Can’t agree it more. Personalization is a key strategy for companies to gain more customers. Knowing and meeting customers’ different needs can help a company grasp customers’ hearts tightly and grow in a more rapid speed. Customerization is now very popular among companies, not only for products but also for service, and now, more and more customers tend to enjoy personalization.

  15. I agree with this article and believe that personal marketing will be much more normal in the near future. With consumer information becoming increasingly available for marketing firms, more and more personal marketing is happening. Currently, the most personal marketing I see are the ads on the sides of websites, but car companies are personalising advertising by showing different commercials to different households based on demographics.

  16. Generally Speaking, I cannot agree the point any more, which is personalization has become the key factor in today’s social market. Actually, I have the similar idea of personalization in business few years ago. The reason is that most young people today are born after 1980s or 1990s. People among this range have a feature that they are chasing a special lifestyle that is different from person to person. The traditional concept of a product cannot require young people’s need any more. However, the appearance of personalization marketing and products satisfy customers’ need. There are many examples in our daily life such as the NIKE ID, which has been mentioned in the article, theme restaurant, personal design T-Shirt and so on.
    Marketing strategy should be changed according to customers. Therefore, personalization marketing is the trend in the near future and even right now because it meets most target consumers’ needs.

  17. Personalization of messages is a powerful tool, that’s how some very big social campaigns arise or even music artists. Taylor Swift concentrates on personalized marketing so the “personal bond” created with the brand or product gains more stature by personalizing their marketing plans.

  18. In my opinion, this article is correct because customers will connect more with a company or product if it is personal. When a company can pinpoint promotions and ads to a specific client, they will be able to increase their sales because they were able to connect more to that client. I customer is not going to want an ad or promotion that is directed to an older or younger generation. They may feel that the company is for a different generation, and can look elsewhere for business. Therefore, if a company can personalize marketing they can do better and increase their customer range.

  19. I actually believe this product is brilliant. Not only is the company increased generating revenues, giving the consumer exactly what they want, but they are also increasing their market margins at the same time! The consumer now identifies qualities they like about themselves to qualities they like about the company. For example, Nike’s personalized shoes makes you want to support nike by showing off their brand and you are willing to pay extra for the product just simply because YOU made it.

  20. I think personalization can work, if done right. Buyers do change their habits over time and its important for companies to keep up with that. It is important to cross- reference data from the users other social applications. Social media is a good way of keeping up to date with the customer’s daily life. Knowing when to advertise products is important as well. If a company knows its user frequently shops MMA gear, then it would promote its sales during big fights. The Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather fight, which happened recently, is an example of a good time to advertise MMA gear because of its hype in the media.

  21. I disagree with this passage. I actually have observed the opposite phenomenon for the most part. I think that people are becoming increasingly homogeneous, not heterogeneous. People see what others have and want to be like them. They want to buy products of a certain style to be part of the elite. For example, why would someone want to buy shoes from the NikeiD footwear line? Because they want a pair of shoes that has the Nike logo because that is in style at the moment. They want to have a pair that no one has seen before. But the important part is that they have the specific type of shoe that is popular at the time. Information about products can now travel faster due to the increased prevalence of social media and the Internet.

  22. One app that this article brings to mind is called SnipSnap, and it sends me a notification any time I am by a shopping center and coupons are on the app. These notifications are helpful for the companies because they pique my interest even if I wasn’t interested at all in shopping at the stores coupons are available to. Personalizing marketing is getting even easier with companies able to track how long people spend on their websites/seeing their media through IP address and technology development.

  23. Personalization is the present and future. In the service industry, people are more willing to open emails or read them if they have a personal touch. Any kind of personalization will have a positive result. For example, my firm sends out holidays cards to all contacts and clients during the Thanksgiving holiday. Adding a personal signature as opposed to just a greeting from the firm shows that we really care about our clients and that we are a more personable firm.

  24. Personalization can work if done right. with different trends consumers will change what they do when it’s coming to purchasing and companies needs to be well aware. It is important for companies to get data from social applications. Social media is a fantastic tactic to take advantage of. it keeps up to date with the customer’s daily life. Knowing when to advertise products is important as well. For example, If a company knows its user usually buys a certain style of nikes then the sales would be promoted during commercials of celebrities wearing it. the media would play a great role.

  25. I think the Personalization of products is very interesting and smart idea, which can expand the product line and meet the demand of costumers. there is a data show indicated that “A Bain survey of more than 1,000 online shoppers found that while less than 10% have tried customization options, 25% to 30% are interested in doing so. While it is hard to gauge the overall potential of customization, if 25% of online sales of footwear were customized, that would equate to a market of $2 billion per year.” in other words, the Personalization is a huge market and may become the major market in the future..

  26. Personalization is becoming more and more attractive to people nowadays, people love to do things in their own ways. I think personalization is the future of marketing, this kind of strategy will bump up customer intimacy and accessibility. Once people get what they desired they will naturally love the product. This idea is really brilliant and convincing, the influence will be tremendous.

  27. Personalization has become a consumer expectation in todays market. Personalization makes consumers feel important and valued by the company. For example, a older consumer might not want an ad directed towards a younger consumer base. If consumers are willing to fill out more personalized info for a company, those companies can then better personailze and send out online promos and ads

  28. This presentation highlights the importance and how-to for personalization. It blatantly points out that, although two women could be located near each other geographically, they lead two completely different lives. This is important for a marketer to understand because different people will perceive a message different ways based on age, race, gender, etc. This will help target consumers on an individual basis and in the long run increase revenue based on personalized interest.

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