Looking to make your blog as good and effective as possible? Then, consider the 50 tips in the infographic below.

The infographic was developed by Cent for Your Escape from 9 to 5:

“There are plenty of blogging tips all over the Web. Unfortunately, they are all spread across multiple Web sites. I wanted to create a list of awesome blogging tips from the experts all in one place. I chose 5 expert bloggers, picked 10 of their best tips, and came up with a list of 50 of the best blogging tips. These blogging tips will be useful for beginners and pros alike. I chose the experts with varying perspectives, so the tips are not focused on the same area or too generic. For example, one expert provides blogging tips for a business blog, another provides tips to improve Web site traffic, and another provides quick blog improvement tips.”



25 Replies to “FIFTY Blogging Tips”

  1. I think this post is very useful for everyone’s network establish. Actually I always think blog is only a personal sharing space. But now i really realize that if you can be a expert in your field of the career and show them on the blog ,it can influence many people and let many people know more about you without meeting with you. The range which social media can reach is really wide , we should manage our blog carefully .

  2. This post is very helpful for bloggers, it’s a very complete blogging tips to to optimize our blogs. I think this like a blogging checklist, we can use this as a blogging standard, when we blogging, we should check our blog if reach the standards. I think it’s a great way to improve our post quality and optimize our blog.

  3. is very Useful for individuals who blog on the regular, the tips are great! Quality of our post is insured from the use of these tips.

  4. This is very helpful for people who are trying to digitally market themselves through a blog. It gives helpful hints on what to do and what not to do. For example, #42 reminds you to add facebook likes to your blog. This is important because that would link that person’s facebook to your blog and other people can see they they’ve liked your blog. Overall its a very helpful guide to what you should keep in mind when you are blogging.

  5. This tips are very helpful to bloggers. I used to have a blog and I agree that these tips are very successful in sustaining a successful blog. It’s important to edit your blog and embed content, because sometimes visuals are helpful for readers of the blog.

  6. Blogs have slowly and surely become a more relevant form of retrieving information to the average internet user. Optimization, more specifically Search Engine Optimization is very important to the success of a blog. Online marketing is an interesting facet of marketing as a whole due to it’s internet-based nature.

  7. I have always considered blogs to be the social media of useful information and have learned a lot through the resource. All of these tips are must-know tips for those who want to start or improve a blog. The one tip that I thought was the most beneficial was integrating social media sites like Facebook and twitter into your blog for easy access and sharing. I also would like to make mention that Prof. Evans has integrated social media links into this blog.

  8. Blogging is very important to get your voice out on the internet. This checklist is very helpful and useful for new bloggers in order to help gain an audience and get their messages heard. Eventually, everyone will be blogging using the same techniques, styles, and tips mentioned above. However, there is one tip that I believe should be on the list and is not. It is the fact that each and every blog should be unique and creative. If everyone uses the same exact format for blogging, your content will be lost in the clutter. Creating something unique and personable will allow you to be different, express your personality, and gather a large captivated audience. This is easier said than done, but it is something worth noting.

  9. Once again, journalism major here, and I absolutely LOVE blogging. I am so big on Tumblr, and use that as a part of self branding for future purposes. I am definitely going to refer to this infographic in order to help improve my blog in order to gain as much of a following as possible. So helpful!

  10. This is the time to be a blogger. Online fame is huge right now with youtube stars, blogging stars, instagram stars, etc. I personally appreciate this post because I have been conducting an experiment to see if I can get “instagram famous” without posting inappropriate photos or buying followers. For the past eight months I’ve posts about two times every two weeks and I still do not get more than 60 likes on the average picture (although if I have a great one I can get 100). The weird part is that there are 209 people following me. So the question still stands: why are you following me if you’re not going to like my photos and contribute to me getting instagram famous?

    Although instagram and blogging are very different, they hold many things constant. Followers want to see consistent posting, interesting things, be unique but classic, and don’t say anything really stupid. I find this post interesting.

    Michaela Cody; MKT 101 Section 1

  11. I believe that these tips will be very helpful, especially for corporate or company blogs. Blogs are becoming more and more relevant and are increasingly used by people in society and these tips might promote even more growth in blogging. I believe that the tips about editing are the most important because people are not as believable if they make mistakes.

  12. In a day when the use of social media and blogs are being increasingly used to promote, education, and communicate, this infographic was very practical for every profession. However, some tips were redundant. The infographic could’ve been condensed. Further explanation could’ve been given for certain tips to better help readers.

    1. I agree with you Lily, businesses have turned to blogs as a marketing tool. Blogging helps to establish a company or organization by providing a way to let consumers know that your business is a leader or expert in the field. Marketers also use blogs as promotional tools to inform the audience about special promotions, what’s new in the company, or new services or business offerings, etc. While the information above has useful tips to enhance this tool, 50 tips are way too many and redundancy could’ve been eliminated. #13 “Be awesome” (?) Is that necessary?

  13. I think the most important thing is target your audience. The reason of Audience follows the blogs is there are some factors meet their needs, such as information, knowledge or fun. building a blog just like developing a marketing strategy, target your customer and develop the activities.

  14. This post listed in great detail all the things that might attract me or turn me away from a blog, even those if those things are the same for both categories. For Example, number 35 advises not to write about your kids whereas 38 tells you to do so. Some things just work better under specific circumstances. Great reference point for all bloggers.

  15. This blog is very useful for me as a starter. In the blog, Pat Flynn states the whole process from set up blog to after post your blog. Pat helps me to create a professional and attractive blog. In the following part, Jeff Goins teaches me how to increase my audiences. That is very important for me because in my blog I always write down my thoughts and share something interesting, I want to get some responses. Amit Shaw points out a perfect blog cannot ignore the influence of its audiences, a blogger should find his target audiences. In the next, Ana Hoffman shows some tips about increase web traffic. In the end, Corbett Barr provides some advices to make your audiences to share your blogs. Overall, this blog teaches me a lot.

  16. When we write blogs, we always write similar thing with other people. No fresh, no creative thing. Sometimes the reason is that we do not know the direction and way to write it. From 50 blogs tips, we could see it is easy to know how to write. I always write with some interesting topic because business is so boring for people to learn information. So we can let some boring topics become funny one to make people laugh and remember it. For example, i always find some failure business story to make people laugh and think how idiot they are. But these mistake would happen to you someday. So most people would like to read my blogs.

  17. From those tips, I could follow them to fix my own blogs at WordPress. I’m always confused what kinds of blogs will attract more readers. Now I know that first I should think myself as a expert in marketing field and write professionally in a format, to provide my readers who also have interest in this area more useful information and insightful perspectives. I have found that when my blogs included my own very detailed analysis and deep thinking to a event or one definition, there would be more readers clicking Like bottom. However as I just used some opinions from others with less own comments, these blogs were not that popular as the former ones. Also giving good reading experience to readers is essential, such as a little of ads, well fit size of words, illustrating photos and videos, etc. which I promise make readers love your sites. Next I could take the idea to combine other professional bloggers in the marketing filed to give my readers broader views.

  18. I have a hard time relating to this article because I’m really not interested in blogging or reading blogs. I might read the occasional blog article that comes up on facebook, but in general I would not simply follow a blog to read up on someone’s daily life. However, I see where these hints are helpful for not just blogging, but business as a whole. Many of the tips seemed to apply to all realms of business – be direct, specific, be knowledgeable, etc. These tips are not only helpful for the blogger but also the businessman. However, I think that the tips to add more social media aspects get’s a little carried away. Perhaps it is my disinterest in blogs, but having a facebook page, like button, twitter button, etc. seems over-bearing and too social-media focused.

  19. Online marketing is a great way of marketing as a whole due to it’s internet being the sole pathway. Blogs overtime has become a more relevant form of retrieving information it is very optimal for a plethora of individuals to get what they want in a more unique way, since most of the time blogs tell everything rather than commercial informations that usually hides all of the truth.

  20. this is a fun image that does a beautiful job for anyone who is looking to start a blog of their own. I believe simplicity is best in anything, and blogs are no exception. Blogs are a great source of short, personally written news about anything the blogger wants to talk about. Marketers should really look into blogging when dealing with businesses related activities in order to attract more customers and other businesses as well. Like the pictures says, networking is key.

  21. This post was really helpful for all of us who are interested in blogging. Blogs have become such a large part of businesses and it is so important that we know what our blogs should look like and what they should consist of. In this generation of social media, we have to be careful about what we put out there on the internet for everyone to see. This infographic is incredibly useful in helping us see what is appropriate for blogs.

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