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  1. Self-branding and making yourself known in the workplace is so important. You don’t want to get stuck in a routine or feel underappreciated, and the course to fix that is to be confident. One must ask questions, refrain from negativity, and continue to work hard. It all starts within each individual and their desire to succeed. If you want something done, you have to do something about it, and I think that was evident from this Wall Street Journal video. You never know, until you try.

  2. I think proper communication is so incredibly important. People often assume that their boss or their co-workers know exactly what you desire or have been working towards, but unless you assert yourself and your desires, you might not get to where you want to be. I agree with the statement that women tend to assume that hard work will be rewarded – and it should – but it’s also important to be proactive in moving towards what you want. My mom is experiencing a similar thing at work where she has been passed up for multiple promotions, and I wonder if it has to do with how she is communicating her desires. I passed this article along to her!

  3. Communication is such an important skill in and out of the workplace. The perspective on hard work was interesting, because although hard work propels you forward, unfortunately there’s the chance it doesn’t help as well. Self-branding is also crucial and goes further than most people would presume.

  4. From all the jobs I’ve had, there’s always been that one steroptypically worker. You have the lazy worker, the clown, the mean boss, and more. Having these type of people can really affect how you do your job. When you work in a laid back environment your nothing to be as stressed than if you worked in an uptight faced paced environment like what a stockbroker works at

  5. I think that self branding is both beneficial not only for the work place, but for self growth as an individual. As someone studying journalism and hoping to make it in the magazine sector, self branding and establishing an image of yourself is crucial. I have business cards made, and multiple forms of social media for others to reflect upon. Besides this, in the work place one must not be afraid to express who they truly are as a person when necessary. This will set you apart from stereotypical workers who don’t have any exclusive traits.

  6. It is definitely important to remind yourself that bosses are people too. You should not fear them or be shy. If you have a concern about where you are working, the tasks you are performing, or if you are unhappy, you should speak to them. The notion of keeping the communication open is a great idea. If you develop a friendly and professional relationship with them, they will be concerned about your future goals and respect your initiative.

  7. Communication with your manager is the most valuable to a successful career. The yearly review required by company policy in not enough to catch up with your superior your challenges and your career aspirations.
    I am very lucky to have an open communication with my manager, he respects my ideas and is always helping me when I need.

  8. I have worked in retails for 8 years and professional setting in 7 years. Everyone wants more money but only some will get significantly more than the rest. I learn that you cannot bother your boss for a promotion or raise all the time but also staying quiet doesn’t get you far as well. I think the perfect balance is working hard and being transparent with your boss about your expectation.

  9. This video inspired me about what I should actually do at work. First thing first, do a good job, and that’s the basic requirement of being promoted. Then stop guessing what your boss is thinking about, tell him/her what you want and discuss together how to achieve that.

  10. As someone who has managerial experience, I have definitely notice that women are less likely to ask for the things they deserve in a work environment. The brief video mentions women often place self-blame but I believe avoidance of confrontation and fear of failure also play a roll. It is easier to start fresh than it is to build.

  11. This is a great blog to me. I still remember my first day when I started my internship. In the new employee orientation, the head of HR told us networking is very important in this company. Then I am trying very hard to focus on self-branding strategy. I have some great tips about self-branding. First of all, smile to every people you met in the company, no matter whether they are in the same department with you or not. Secondly, keep a great communication with your team member, especially the other interns. You could have a great start if you talk with them because you are all freshman to this company. You could always find out the same topics and questions. Finally, communicate with the other employees who have spent a lot of time in this company. Ask them what is their experience when they first entered the company. How do they start networking with other colleagues. What is their experience or tips of promotion. You could also learn a lot about company’s culture and some great source of information from these colleagues. But most importantly, do not forget to work hard everyday. Think more about what you could do for the company. In other words, what is your value and contributions to the company?

  12. Everyone of us tends to think in a fixed way. This is negative to the work, so the what we need to do is to communicate to the others to broaden our horizons. It is very necessary to our career even to the personal life. Because when you it can make you smarter on the work,you can think the problems in different angles.

  13. This is a great blog for us who are going to face with the career topic. For us, communication is the most important thing. You cannot imagine what your boss or your co-workers think, you need to talk to them to find what their thinking and their desire.

    Of course, you need to feel interested at the company and that industry. Otherwise, you feel bored, and may be frustrated. That is the reason you lose your force to move on.

  14. Self-branding is required in today’s fierce competitive market; however, I also have some tips to suggest about this topic. The premise of self-branding is self-confidence from my point of view. Moreover, the accompanied factor is hard-working. A hard-working person can help to build self-confidence as well. After completing these two aspects, next step is the communication skill just as many comments above mentioned. How to express my idea and ambition and make them accepted by my boss is a kind of skill. I agree with the method of transparency because it can deliver a sincere attitude to managers.
    The combination of tips above may help to do a good self-branding and I should also improve this field because I am going to graduate and enter into workplace in the near future.

  15. I definitely agree with what the women said in the video. I think I would be the same way in Leyla’s situation and just assume that I would never get moved up in the company because my boss hadn’t asked me. She’s right though, because how can your boss know what you want if you never tell them? They might think that you’re happy in the position you’re already in. At my job we have quarterly meetings with our manager where he tells us how we’re performing and we can tell him how we’re feeling in our job. I think that’s a great idea because it forces communication between boss and employees.

  16. with everything in life communication is best. when it comes to your job communication is very crucial with coworkers and especially your manager! if you are on a good page with manager then you reap many benefits. when i am training individuals in the gym, the communication between the master trainer and the regular trainers are great. because of my knowledge in the field we talk alot and i think i am his favorite lol

  17. I have actually taken a lot from this video. I am currently in a similar situation at my part time job right now. I am being told that I will be promoted in the near future, but it seems like it is a constant waiting game. I definitely need to be more vocal with my manager and let him know that I am trying to progress and work hard. Many times I noticed that I would not bring up anything about the subject matter, and I forget that he has many responsibilities and can forget sometimes.

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