New, actionable ideas are the long-term lifeblood of both large and small firms. It is rare that a business can survive over time with just the products being marketing today.

Many companies recognize that idea generation and assessment are aided by following a series of steps. Others are totally haphazard in their approach and hope to eventually have a “eureka” moment.

As Laura Montini, reports for Inc.:

When it comes to great ideas, intuition is ‘more powerful than intellect.’ That’s according to the late Steve Jobs. Many experts would agree that truly transformative ideas rarely come from one individual with a high IQ. Instead, these researchers, executives, and entrepreneurs believe that innovation is largely the result of freewheeling collaboration — with just a few guidelines.”

“Below Bluescape, creator of collaboration software and hardware, organized a few of these experts’ insights into four main steps. Take a look a the infographic below for tips on creating an effective idea strategy.”



10 Replies to “How to Generate Better Product Ideas”

  1. Innovation and new ideas are the backbone to the success of a business. Human are very curious and get bored of things easily. It’s very important for companies to change or innovate their business some point since its establishment. If a company just keeps the same product, eventually people would become uninterested and no longer buy the product or choose a different business to change things up.

  2. Generating better marketing ideas is a crucial component in preserving the future of marketing. Organizing and looking for patterns is important in the formulation of new ideas because if you are not organized you will never be able to create an idea efficiently and if you are not constantly looking for patterns you are not going to be able to contest the market like you should be. having no filter or judgement is also important because once people start becoming pessimistic they can not get to the next step of the decision process. I also believe diversification is important in generating new ideas because without it marketers are not able to contest every type of idea there could be, having a broad range of ideas is very important.

  3. Generating new products and marketing methods is a necessity for companies to survive in a constantly growing market. In is important for companies to constantly discover a new niche in the market and to forecast what the future holds.Furthermore, companies need to diversify there product and service line in order to keep everyone on there toes for the next iphone, iwatch, macbook or ipad.

  4. Developing new products and having good marketing methods is essential to the company’s survival over the long term. When a company is properly organized they have set plans on how to accomplish the current task at hand. The more innovative the product separates itself from every other product in the market and makes it difficult to compete with. This is what Apple did when manufacturing the first Iphone. There was nothing similar to that before it was produced. It truly separated the smartphone from a regular cellphone. Looking for patterns is important because it will show the company whether the market is worth going into and whether the product will succeed or not. The most important factor is bringing one’s idea to life because they will be able to monetize their product by selling it to the consumer. Steve Jobs had sketches of the Iphone for years befor ever bringing it to life because the technology available at the time didn’t allow it. He actually had sketches going back from the 1990’s. This is a prime example of non-filter. At the time, it was a wild idea. Not one person usually works on designing products, but rather a group of people work on it and come to a collective decision on what does and doesn’t get produced. Steve Jobs had a small group of people working on the Iphone so everyone had an equal say and no one person would be overlooked.

  5. Innovation is very important in this competitive market world. Generating new products is a necessity for a business to survive in the growing market. Humans get bored of things and need change. Change is a positive aspect that each business needs to have. Companies need to have a variety of items and always have a “new thing” in order to keep customers always wanting more. If customers get bored they will look elsewhere.

  6. I strongly agree with the points from the this article. The 4 steps presented really make sense and if one was to follow them then most likely somewhere along the way new fresh ideas would come to light. That would lead to new innovations and better products on the market. Hopefully that would lead to increased sales and consequently increased revenues.

  7. In todays day in age it is vital that companies generate better product ideas. Its not only a benefit for the companies and their profits, but also the key to keep consumers happy. Now, it is apparent that people tend to get bored with products relatively fast, and are always looking for the next best thing. The lifecycle of an idea in my opinion is a great outline for any company to create new products.

  8. Generating new product ideas is what helps a company advance in its industry and flourish. I believe that when ideas are come from a “eureka” moment, they are the best. They just come out of nowhere. I agree when trying to think of ideas, it is much more beneficial to be coming up with them in a group and allow people to piggy back off each other’s ideas. I usually this with a few friends when we try to think of ideas for the next big app.

  9. I strongly agree with the points from this post. it is very important for company to develop new ideas, because the needs of customers is keep changing , the company have to develop more new product to catch up with the change. I think if a company wanna to improve their innovation ability, the two important parts are Corporate Culture and staff, the culture can encourage the staff to Innovation, and staff can feedback and develop the Corporate Culture.

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