Window displays can play a large role in generating the enthusiasm and browsing behavior of shoppers. Great displays can generate store traffic that would otherwise be lacking.

As Barry Rice writes for ShutterCo, a leading provider of shutters in Dublin, Ireland:

“Some fashion brands have gained a reputation for their impressive window displays, most notably high-end brands like Louis Vuitton and Chanel. They go the extra mile when it comes to attracting shopper’s attention.Whether they have effective storyline type displays or they simply let colors or their clothes do the talking, these brands ensure they turn heads with their window displays.”

“It can be a task to get window displays right. In fact, window dressing is an art in itself which requires a lot of experience and of course, attention to detail. In our infographic we outline some of the most impressive window displays over the past few years that have rocked the world of retail. We provide details on each: what is depicted in the display, where it is located, and why is it so effective.These inspiring designs will make you look at window displays in a whole new light — from Bergdorf Goodman to Chanel to Apple.”

“See how visual merchandising is done right with our insightful info graphic on ‘The Art of Window Displays.’ Enjoy!



16 Replies to “The Promotion Value of Store Window Displays”

  1. The notion of “window-shopping” may have originated with the goal to lure customers to come in the store and make purchases, but in some cases it has become a cultural pastime that carries the sentiment of tradition. I refer to the Christmas holiday season window displays in major cities, such as New York, Chicago, London and others. Store fronts in New York like Lord & Taylor, Macy’s, Bergdorf Goodman, etc. have become famous for their windows displays and are a destination attraction all their own. People plan as part of their holiday pastime to go visit the elaborate window productions. People go to view them and to be entertained by the shows and artful displays. This type of window displays foster a holiday tradition, not simply support a strategic marketing practice.

  2. I don’t believe that “window shopping” is a popular type of idea anymore in that it seems as if everything is through technology these days. People will now shop because they see a cool advertisement online and then they will go on amazon and purchase that product. This idea seems to be very outdated and everything is controlled through technology.

  3. I know that window displays are important for a business. They can get a person wouldn’t normally go into that store come in. I know I have waked passed a store and saw something on the window display that made me want to check out the store. Usually a business puts it’s best products on the window display to get people’s attention. It also gives a person a sneak peek of what to expect in the store for people who are unfamiliar with the business.

    1. As someone who prefers buying items in a physical store, I am not surprised to hear how effective display windows can be if done correctly. I did find it very entertaining to look at these very creative examples of displaying. However, I cant help but feel as though showcasing an already very desirable product (such as the ones listed)isn’t very difficult. But I guess its all about how eye-catching you can make the display window that matters.
      I can say from experience that Nike store windows always catch my attention due to the clean and colorful styles of the shoes and clothing. So this case would be a prime example of letting the product just do the talking.
      -Matthew LoBiondo

  4. In the past, i would have said window displays were extremely effective. However, i no longer believe this is the case. Nowadays, the majority of people i see walking in the mall are glued to there electronics, not really paying attention to their physical environment. Also, there isnt much diversification amongst clothing stores. Each window has the same old mannequin, wearing a different brand of clothes. Also, i dont know about you but those mannequins creep me out. Anyway, i personally feel that window displays for clothing brands is ineffective. However, this isnt the case for toy or electronic companies. For instance, the lego store creates large displays made of legos, with moving parts and sounds that will catch your attention. Maybe if the mannequins moved and talked i would have a different opinion

  5. Stores strategically put the products that appeal the most to their consumer base along with colors around it that the human eye attracts to. By easily catching the eye of the consumer they will take a longer glance at the product through the window. By Apple seeming to have shattered glass around its latest iPod it is something that the consumer is not used to seeing so they will stop to see what product it is. If they’re interested in it will go into the store. By strategically placing the broken glass effect to center the product, the consumer’s eye is immediately drawn. Once the consumer walks into the store it is a lot easier to get them to buy the product. Window displays are a major factor to influence consumers. They evoke feelings and emotions. There is a reason why Park Ave and Madison Ave shops got to great lengths to create innovative and new holiday windows during the holiday season.

  6. Stores need to draw people in, therefore, the first step is to have a window display that will draw customers in and make them think “hey I need to have that”. Once a store is able to draw your attention, they will be able to make sales. That is the reason why stores go to great lengths to create window displays that will connect to customers to influence their spending and thought on a store.

  7. Window display can play a huge role in shopping and advertisement. As a frequent shopper, I know that I window shop all the time. If the display is done correctly it can be very effective in grabbing shoppers attention. Being that I am a physical shopper and would rather see the items, window shopping is very effective for me. In my case, I find it very interesting to look at all of the displays each store puts up.

  8. I think it is really interesting how important window displays are. I work at a small retail pharmacy and after reading all of this I realized that we really need to improve our own window display. It has to be cool and unique and eye catching. This way more people will come into our store. We have to instill curiosity and entice people to come inside. I really have to show this article to my company.

  9. While I know window displays are important and can help promote sales I believe that there are more effective ways of boosting sales. Personally a window display has never urged me to go into a store and purchase a good. I believe that stores could potentially do better getting sales through mass advertising instead of making expensive window displays that may not provoke “Window Shopping” companies could advertise in other ways including social media.

  10. Window displays is a promotion way combined fashion and design. Firstly you should know what kind of display people will like and what kind of design will cause more attention. It is more like a direct way to show what your store has and what kind of fashion values your brand wants to express. Maybe, window display is one of the most straightforward ways for your customers to know about your brand as well as your product. And it is important especially for those fashion industries.

  11. I think this day in age window shopping is becoming more obsolete. Much more shopping is moving to online and most people find companies through mobile advertising since it is booming at this very moment. But being that more than half the time purchases are made in-store window shopping, of course it is still very important aspect, but in my opinion, it’s definitely going to be less influential in the future as it has been in the past.

  12. Window displays, like the ones mentioned in the infographic, are very fascinating and effective. Regardless of whether one is interested in Louis Vuitton, if you walk by the display, you will stop and gaze. That is the overall point of the display; to get people to stop, look, admire, dwell, remember, and spread the word. These are not easy to pull off but are underutilized across the retail industry. There are possibilities to take this to another level by putting in real live people as paid advertisers to stand in the display (like performance art). This will be a lot more costly and risky yet it would definitely gain a lot of attention.

  13. While I always thought about store displays and their importance, I never read something like this that analyzed the displays. One lesson I drew from this was that all displays’ props, no matter how dazzling or eye-catching, all direct the eye or emphasize the main products that they are promoting.

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