Web design and the quality/features of Web sites have certainly come a long way over the last 25 years.

AmeriCommerce has put together an excellent infographic on the evolution of Web design:

“During the 25 years since the Internet entered our lives, change has been the only constant. And nowhere has that trend of ongoing change been more evident than in the world of Web design. We all know how important great design is today, but what did Web design look like in 1990? How has it changed over the years? And what can we expect to happen in coming years? We take a look at the history of Web design in our latest infographic.”

The History of Web Design

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  1. It’s weird to see how webpages looked when the internet was still new. It seems so unappealing compared to what we look at today when we go online. Pretty early on, companies realized that advertising on the internet could be really beneficial, even if they went about it with very obnoxious looking ads. It’s crazy to me that by 1990 there were already 100 million users on the internet!

  2. It seems the web design trend is moving towards simplicity in appearance and most definitely towards a responsive design approach as a result of the high increase in usage of mobile devices. This indicates that users are seeking substance when they access a website, they seem to care less about flashy bells and whistles, and are more interested in the value of the information they search.

    Thus, the electronic media creates a huge demand for continuous new content; however, website developers and content providers should be mindful of the publics’ high expectations and deliver valuable information and meaningful messages. With the amount of content noise bombarding the publics, it’s important to communicate ideas with substance that touches the publics at some level, otherwise it’s a waste of the readers’ time and the web site’s credibility will be undermined. Therefore the trend for website development must also consider that the goal of web content isn’t just to fill space.

  3. It seems very interesting how the internet pages because everything is modern. Everyone seems to be keeping up with the new trend and that if the new page looks appealing people will see it and want to go to it. The new trend is always changing therefore designers will try to change their page as often as possible.

  4. The history of web design has revolutionized what we used to think about the internet. looking back at 1990 to present I have already seen so many changes. Looking back at even windows operating systems and how they have changed to windows 10 in just design alone is amazing. Marketers are always looking for the next trend and what to brand next, I believe that this is very important in their decision of creating a new web design every year. In sum, I believe that the facts are in the history and marketing constantly is growing.

  5. It amazes me how much web design has transformed over the last 25 years. Web design is one of the most important things when it come to me visiting and shopping on a website. Just recently i purchased airline tickets from Jetblue. Originally i was planning on purchasing my tickets from United Airline. However, the website was so clunky and impossible to navigate. As a result i took my business to Jetblue because it was actually functional. I believe that poor website design can contribute to a companies decline.

  6. It is amazing to see the improvements and progress that has been made since the internet was started 25 years ago. The internet was very limited when it was first implemented relative to today where there are endless possibilities. Technology is constantly improving to engage the users. The marketers are always looking for what will be popular in the future and trying so they can know how to appeal to the general population. The internet has been exponentially growing since its inception 25 years ago. With time comes further evolution. By the time I am in the business field, the Internet will evolve to make it even easier for me to market and sell goods, as well as globally communicate. Website designers, however, should be mindful of the intrusive bombardment of ads and banners to consumers, which make it less user-friendly and frustrating to those who have a specific item in mind.

  7. It’s crazy to see how much the internet changed within 25 years. It has been more and more updated to features. How much color developed over the years. We went from internet being a luxury, to internet being a commodity and almost everything we think should have a website. I still remember YouTube when it just started in 2006, because a couple friends and I used to make videos. Youtube has went from showing no advertisements, to brief banner ads, to playing clips of ads before your video. The internet world has expanded since it started. If the internet is this vibrant and useful, imagine another 25 years. We might have virtual internet where instead of clicking you can virtually walk into a store, or virtually complete tasks that you can physically do, but accomplish in your house.

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