As we wrote two months ago, Snapchat — the social media site where people can post photos and videos that are viewed and then disappear — is now three years old.

But from a business perspective, Marketo (a digital software firm and information provider) asks: “Is Snapchat an application brands can successfully use to reach their customers? And if so, what are some best practices for using Snapchat in a marketing capacity?”

Here’s a Marketo infographic that addresses these questions.


One thought on “%1$s”

  1. Snap chat is one of the most popular apps used around. I believe it is due to the fact that you send a picture and it is never seen again. The fact that people know their wont be any evidence of their photo, makes the app popular because it as if when you send a picture once, it is opened it disappears. It also makes sending pictures easier as compared to using texting, which is harder with WiFi. Overall, the app is a great idea and used significantly throughout the world.

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