With the enormous popularity of social media, many myths have popped up. It is imperative to separate fact from fiction to be able to best utilize social media tools.

As Sparks & Honey, an advertising agency, notes:

“Staying in sync with culture, social media have transformed the way we communicate, how we consume content, and the speed at which we demand marketers respond to our needs. Today, it’s imperative for brands to be agile – to adapt to consumers’ dynamic behaviors and synchronize with culture. Brands that can’t provide real-time, relevant content and experiences will become obsolete. In our mission to leverage cultural insights to elevate brands’ efforts in all aspects of marketing and innovation, we have unscrambled the myths about social media to help you stay in sync with shifting online habits.”

Take a look at the illuminating slideshow “Unscrambling the Myths about Social Media” from Sparks & Honey.



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