As the largest North American sporting event, the Super Bowl of football has also become the Super Bowl of advertising. And companies are always looking for creative ways to stand out in the crowd. Fox TV is certainly thrilled about SB XLVIII, since it has booked nearly $300 million in advertising.

This year, there are even teaser ads for ads coming on Super Bowl Sunday — sort of like trailers for movies, but a lot shorter.

One of the early entrants is Bud Light with its “Whatever Is Coming” campaign. Here are two Bud Light teaser clips, the first starring Arnold Schwarzenegger‎, formerly California’s “Governator” (a play on his role in the Terminator movies).




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  1. The most expensive time to air a commercial is during the Super bowl. It can always be considered one of the most televised events of the year. People don’t always watch it for the games but more often everything else whether it is the have time show, for the scores at the end of the quarters for super bowl boxes or even the commercials. This year, teaser for these commercials were implemented and are interesting to see how they affect the progress and marketing for these products.

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