Normally, we post relatively serious stories about marketing. But this story is too good to pass up.

Football fans will recognize “Omaha” as the word that Peyton Manning screamed out more than 40 times on last Sunday’s NFL playoff game. This has resulted in a lot of fun discussions in the sports media world.

In the business sphere, the Manning brothers (Peyton and Eli) often do things to break out of the stereotypes about football players, as they did last year in their humorous “rap” commercial for Direct TV.

Now, ESPN reports that:

“After hearing Peyton Manning yell “Omaha” more than 40 times at the line of scrimmage during Sunday’s victory over the San Diego Chargers, an official with Omaha Steaks says the company is considering offering the Denver Broncos quarterback an endorsement deal that could include calling out its name during the big game.”

“‘Omaha Steaks is always looking for awesome promotional opportunities that get our brand in front of customers and potential customers,’ said Todd Simon, a senior vice president at the company his family owns. ‘So if the economics were right, Omaha Steaks would consider a deal with Mr. Manning, especially given his apparent affinity for Omaha.'”

“NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said the league doesn’t have a rule in place that forbids such a deal, and Alan Zucker, who is Manning’s marketing agent, wouldn’t comment on whether his client would accept it in the first place. But a potential deal between Manning and Omaha Steaks might be frowned upon.”

Click the image to see an ESPN video clip on “OMAHA.”


AP Photo/Ed Andrieski, File


3 Replies to “OMAHA! OMAHA!”

  1. It is interesting how an action or even a simply word can be used in marketing with a celebrity. Many football players had been able to do something like this in recent years. Whether it is Tebowing, or Kaepernicking or screaming Omaha like the Manning Brothers do. For football fans “Omaha” is synonymous with them. They have the ability to market that word with them for so many business like the Omaha steaks that has been offered to Peyton.

  2. Its funny to think how Peyton’s code work Omaha could actually be used as advertisement for Omaha Steaks. A deal between Manning and Omaha Steaks is very unlikely but it would be interesting if it occurred. Would Omaha Steaks make Manning say Omaha a certain amount of times each game? This idea is definitely different than most advertising deals.

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