We know that most Web surfers begin their search on Google; and it is tough to get a high search engine ranking in such a competitive environment. And it is only getting tougher.

As Grant Simmons,  Director of SEO & Social Product for The Search Agency, writes for Search Engine Watch: “Ten years ago, creating a Web site and getting found in Google wasn’t hard to do. Choose a domain. Learn some basic HTML code. Do some keyword research. Create some title tags and meta tags. Write about 250 words. And for the most part, you were done. With Google’s more recent quest for quality, authenticity, authority, and usability, however, many of the tips that could help get your site to the top of Google 10 years ago might not produce the same results today.”

Simmons offers 13 useful tips for getting better search results, starting with this one: “It doesn’t matter if it’s SEO [search engine optimization] for a mom-and-pop store or a national online retailer. Attacking SEO without a plan is like trying to row a boat with no oars — you might eventually get somewhere, but it won’t be where or when you wanted to arrive.”

Click the image to read Simmons’ 13 tips. (Note: He has 3 bonus tips at the end of his top 10 list. :-))


Thanks to John S. for suggesting this post.


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