YouTube is constantly growing in popularity. According to a survey by AYTM Market Research, nearly 22 percent of U.S. Internet users visit YouTube on a daily basis. Only 8.5 percent say that never visit YouTube.

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17 Replies to “YouTube Reaching New Highs in Popularity”

  1. It makes sense that YouTube is so successful, they have no real competition. They have pretty much every song you would ever want to hear. For some people YouTube serves as a way to see news you may have missed (for example the Kevin ware incident).

  2. This is not surprising. You can basically find any video on the Internet on YouTube. I think it has become so popular and successful because YouTube is a very organized and mostly censored site. It also seems to have no other competitors that are just as strong.

  3. I agree with Lucio how YouTube serves as a way to see news that you might have missed . It is so easy to access and millions of people post new videos everyday. YouTube is a good way for people to get there name out there for example Justin Bieber was discovered on YouTube. And its fun to watch funny videos of people or listen to music.

  4. YouTube is a great tool for people that are not just in the YouTube demographic. I go on YouTube everyday to check out videos and channels that I follow and also if you ever need to find a way to do something you could probably find a ‘how to’ video somewhere on YouTube.

  5. YouTube is obviously the number one video sharing site in the internet, they really don’t have any competition. It is great for catching up on top headlines in the news, and especially entertaining videos and channels. I know that I am part of the demographic that uses YouTube a few times per week.

  6. Youtube is one of my bookmarks, I visit it everyday. Its is the most popular video sharring sites out there. It is becoming a news source, entertainment source, and a social zone. My nefew, who is 5 years old, goes on it and shows me videos. I feel like more people know about youtube than facebook.

  7. YouTube is a great video sharing website not only for the average individual but also for businesses that are looking to market their products without the high costs of television advertising. Videos can gain popularity so quickly and the possibility in the amount of viewers a company can reach out to greatly surpasses the viewership of any 30 sec. t.v. commercial.

  8. I’m not surprised that YouTube has become so popular. It started out as a social media site for sharing videos and it has turned into so much more than that. You can hear a song, find the music video, or even find a lyric video if that’s what you desire. Want to find a movie clip or entire film? YouTube probably has it. Need to know how to apply makeup? YouTube has thousands of videos for that. The videos on YouTube have so much variety that YouTube serves a multitude of people and wants/needs.

  9. Not surprising at all that YouTube is such a highly visited internet site. It’s a fun and interactive site where people can share videos with each other, and has genres and categories for everyone. It’s the premier video watching site right now and the foreseeable future.

  10. I don’t see this as a surprise at all. Without even thinking about it, somehow I ended up watching something on YouTube daily whether it is searching out of my own curiosity or getting linked to a video on there through another website. YouTube offers almost everything you could ever ask to see. Also, how they have started presenting live concerts/shows/etc. to be watched on YouTube is awesome! I definitely think YouTube will continue to grow strong over the years. I can’t see that changing anytime soon.

  11. Like many others, I was not surprised to see YouTube as the most popular video site on the Internet. I am a frequent YouTube viewer because I know I can watch almost anything. Searching for videos is quick and efficient. When I use other video sites, I tend to lose my patience quickly. Everyone is familiar with the YouTube website whether they use it everyday or once in a blue moon. It’s a great website to share personal videos, music, and funny videos. I think YouTube will continue to dominate the other video sites. It constantly changes its site staying up-to-date with the latest trends. I think it will be around for a long time!

  12. Youtube revolutionized online video streaming. As many have said, YouTube has pretty much every category of video available within seconds of searching for it. There is no other website where you can watch a sports highlight and then within the same minute see a video of a grumpy cat. One of the things I like about Youtube is that they also offer suggestions based on what you have recently watched. While I do not want to admit it, I have spent hours this weekend watching videos on Youtube. You can lose track of time while browsing Youtube due to the diversity of the videos.

  13. youtube is great because anything you want to do or try, theres a video for it. whether you want to see a tutorial on how to train your dog, learn how to knit hat, or just watch something funny, it is there. in my own personal experience i learned how to play the guitar just by watching youtube videos. Also the more technology evolves more people are able to upload videos and watch them whenever they want.

  14. This does not surprise me at all. I’m definitely a part of the group that visits YouTube a few times per week. YouTube probably has any video you could ask for. People go to YouTube for tutorials, to watch something in the news, or to just find a video to laugh at. I’m more surprised at the people who rarely visit YouTube. I don’t know what I’d do without it.

  15. I am not surprised about these statistics either. I go on YouTube for a variety of things. It is very useful for how to videos, songs, and funny videos that everyone always talks about. The number of people that view YouTube is going to keep increasing and the percentage that have never used YouTube will definitely decrease in the next few years.

  16. This is not surprising at all. YouTube is the first place anyone thinks to go if they want to see any video. I cannot think of one time where YouTube did not have what I was looking for. Along with the variety it has to offer, YouTube does not really have any other real competitor. It’s really the only place that comes to mind when searching for a video. Even when you google a video that is usually the first sight that comes up.

  17. like everyone else commented this is not surprising at all. Youtube is a such useful site, not only for music videos, but also there are news,entertainments, tools for learning and almost everything. I thinking about myself everyday, I go on youtube site at least once,neither listen to music or other site there’s a link to youtube. Basically, I think Youtube also could be considered as a ” social network”.

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