A little more than one year after the untimely death of Apple’s iconic co-founder Steve Jobs, Businessweek’s Josh Tyrangiel  recently conducted an in-depth interview with Tim Cook, Apple’s current CEO.

Here are just a few quotes from that interview:

  • On Apple’s role in the economy: “I think we do have a responsibility to create jobs.”
  • On Apple’s legal battles with Samsung: “It is awkward. I hate litigation. I absolutely hate it.”
  • On Steve Jobs: “The most under-appreciated thing about Steve was that he had the courage to speak his mind.”  

Click the Businessweek cover to read the full interview. It is a wonderful look inside the mind of the CEO of the world’s most valuable company.


8 Replies to “An Interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook”

  1. I heard that Apple is going to manufacture some of their computers in the USA. Maybe, that is what he said about creating jobs for USA.

  2. I think every company that has success needs to take the same approach that Tim Cook did, that they have a responsibility to create jobs. Those jobs maybe indirectly related to their company, but the US economy would get back on its feet quicker if every successful company felt it was their responsibility to create jobs.

  3. Being Steve Job’s successor was no easy task, but I do think that Tim Cook has made some smart choices and decisions. Definitely creating jobs would be great for the economy and the company image, and would probably cause a ripple effect for other companies.

  4. Tim Cook said they will create more jobs, i think that will make many people admire him. Apple is a good company, and their product are popular all over the world, actually i like apple very much, and i really hope they will continue to produce more new products.

  5. I believe that if Tim Cook is able to create a substantial amount of jobs in the United States it will be the most important thing he could have accomplished as Steve Job’s successor and the good press that will come with it may encourage other American companies to do the very same.

  6. It is important to note that Tim Cook is following a total different leadership model than Steve Jobs, more employees friendly. However, would the failure of the Iphone maps would have happened if Steve Jobs was in charge?

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