Leading companies such as Nike and IBM (yes, Nike does a lot of good stuff too, besides selling pricey sneakers 🙂 ) have recently developed marketing campaigns specifically intended to motivate/encourage good behavior on our part.

For instance, as reported by JWT Intelligence: “One way in which gamification, one of our 10 Trends for 2011, is manifesting today is brands incentivizing good behavior in consumers through tangible rewards. Nike’sBid Your Sweat,” an award-winning effort from JWT Mexico, demonstrated that every runner’s effort counts: An online auction let participants bid on the brand’s products using the kilometers they had tracked with a Nike+ account. More recently, enhanced-water brand Activate opened a pop-up store in Los Angeles where consumers can get bottles of the beverage by paying with calories burned, a promotion in conjunction with the Get America Fit Foundation.

View a Nike video at YouTube below.

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