Consumer trust is important if companies and industries are to succeed, certainly in the long run. For example, see “Are You Vigilant in Protecting Your Reputation?”, “Don’ts for Businesses Using Social Media”, and “Americans Don’t Trust Mass Media” .

According to eMarketer:

“Brand trust seems to matter more than ever, though it may be harder than ever to build that trust. SheSpeaks and Womenkind recently conducted a study to find out how women in the U.S. think about trust and loyalty when it comes to brands. The study found that most women are skeptical of advertising. Nearly three in four U.S. female Internet users polled said they trust advertising ‘very little’ or ‘not at all,’ while just one in five said they trust it ‘somewhat’ or ‘a lot.'”

“Women also distrust certain industries, though some fare better than others. When asked about which industries they trust — or don’t trust — survey respondents were most likely to deem companies in the packaged goods, nonprofit, technology, and beauty and personal care industries as the most trustworthy. In contrast, women said they trusted companies in the financial services, automotive, and healthcare industries ‘very little’ or ‘not at all.'”

It is somewhat surprising that nonprofits are not trusted substantially more than for-profit packaged goods companies and technology firms. And the financial services, auto, and healthcare industries need to work harder to gain consumer trust.
Extent to Which US Female Internet Users Trust Companies, by Industry, Feb 2017 (% of respondents)

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  1. It also seems very interesting that financial services are trusted very little as I would assume, stereotypically it may be necessary for the dependency on these services and gaining information through the means of advertising.

    I would also be curious to see the comparison in a study done with males. I would assume that the results would be fairly different. Additionally, I would like to see the age breakdown of those surveyed as I assume that would play a huge role in how the respondents responded.

  2. Although the view point of the healthcare industry is that of distrust, I would be interested in looking at the subsectors within the healthcare industry. All patients male and female put the care of their lives in physicians hands and this I can attest is taken very seriously by doctors. I can’t see how patients don’t trust their physicians. Yes it is healthy to verify your physicians recommendations but to distrust them can be catastrophic.

      1. Looks like healthcare ranked highest (not surprising, please see my last comment). Healthcare ranking higher than the police and lawyers, the people we believe whose profession id founded on ethics. Congress was dead last as can be attested by the medias view of politics. I saw college teachers were near the middle. I wonder how people view our children’s teachers? I have the utmost respect for them as they are shaping the way we will think in the future.

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