An important message from us to you: Thank You Moms 2021. This year and every year. This post is in honor of moms all around the world. Please be kind to every mom this Sunday.

In fact, we should really celebrate moms every day of the year. They deserve it. My wife and I lost our moms several years ago. Yet, we still remember them and are appreciative for what they did for us. 

And I personally dedicate this post to the best mom I know today, my wife and LOML (love of my life) Linda, the mother of  our two daughters Jennifer and Stacey.


From Those of Us Who Are Grateful: Thank You Moms 2021

For this year’s Mother’s Day, we present two videos and two greeting cards.\

Mother’s Day Videos

We offer one serious video. And one humorous one. Note: You will need tissues for the first video. But, please watch it until the end. It is both heart warming and heart wrenching. The second video is by Saturday Night Live and is lighter in nature.

I’ll Love You Forever
The SNL Version of the Perfect Mother

Mother’s Day Greeting Cards

Thank You Moms 2021

Thank You Moms 2021


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