Each year, Ethisphere publishes the results of a global study on ethics. Hence, we now look at the world’s most ethical firms 2021. To access our post on the 2020 study, click here.


From Ethisphere — World’s Most Ethical Firms 2021

About Ethisphere

According to its Web site:

In 2006, we founded Ethisphere on a simple premise. That businesses which focus on the long term, commit to doing business with integrity, and invest in their communities will outperform peers that choose not to. While the world changed since then, this commitment to supporting companies that focus on building a sustainable business — one that will continue to grow responsibly for many years— drives us as an organization.

The Relationship Between Ethics and Company Performance

Besides being the right thing for companies to act ethically, there may be positive effects on their on their performance.  As  the Houston Chronicle puts it:

Companies with a strong ethical identity tend to maintain more stakeholder satisfaction. Thereby, positively influencing the financial results of the company. Stakeholders include customers, employees, vendors and suppliers, and investors. Conversely, lack of ethics can lead to negative financial results, explains Indeed.com. Risky loans and questionable business practices put many banking and insurance firms in a precarious position. Ensuring ethical behavior at your company can help improve your economic performance.

Ethisphere’s 2021 Most Ethical Firms

For the current report, Ethisphere recognizes 135 companies for their commitment to business integrity. Honorees represent 22 countries and 47 industries. And they include 9 first-time honorees. As well as six companies named to the list every year:

The assessment process includes more than 200 data points on culture, environmental and social practices, ethics and compliance activities, governance, diversity, and initiatives supporting a strong value chain. The process serves as an framework to capture and codify the leading practices of organizations across industries and around the globe.

Alphabetically, the following chart shows 24 companies making the cut. For the full list, click the image.

World's Most Ethical Firms 2021

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