Last year, we wrote that “during the COVID-19 crisis, the availability of certain products has been limited. With deliveries cancelled by sellers; and sometimes delayed. Even Amazon experienced problems. In planning for the future, better handling supply chain disruptions is a must.” Today, we offer 2021 tips for supply chain management.

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From Inbound Logistics: 2021 Tips for Supply Chain Management

Inbound Logistics provides 137 tips for managing supply chains. Yes, 137 tips. To see all 137, click the image below.

Including these tips: 

1. Dive in with your suppliers. Ask what cost and efficiency benefits your vendors provide by using their carriers or shipping schedules.

24. Services, experience and size matter. While prospective logistics providers describe their differentiators, do your homework. And thoroughly vet them to learn their true capabilities and competencies.

43. Focus on the customer experience. Ensure easy online store ordering systems. By offering tools that let customers quickly find the right products.

66. Gather measurable data. By implementing consistent processes.

74. Plot your seasons and celebrate wins. Then, track progress toward your vision, honor the milestones along the journey, and build in time to relax and reflect.

134. Tighten up fulfillment accuracy. If you’re delivering into the retail channel or direct to consumers, take a fresh look at your shipping accuracy.

In sum, plan ahead. Be prepared. Have backup plans. work closely with other channel members. Maintain flexibility. On a regular basis, monitor your supply chain. In addition, don’t take things for granted. Good luck to you. And please remember, good luck flows from careful planning.

2021 Tips for Supply Chain Management


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