Do you think you are doing great in the interview stage of the job search? Whether you answer yes or no, you still need to read this post. Today, we cover interview mistakes to avoid. 

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Do Not Do This: Interview Mistakes to Avoid

Again, we turn to Fairygodboss for advice. As AnnaMarie Houlis reports:

“A recent study by Harris Interactive and Everest College found that 92 percent of U.S. adults feel anxious over job interviews. General anxiety consumes 17 percent of the 1,002 polled employees between the ages of 18 and 54. Another 15 percent fear being overqualified. Another 15 percent fear not knowing the answer to the interviewer’s question. And 14 percent fear being late.”

“We spoke with 12 CEOs who’ve shared the worst interview mistakes that they’ve witnessed candidates make, so you don’t repeat history.”

    1. Calling the interviewer by the wrong name.
    2. Not asking for the position.
    3. Admitting to unprofessional behaviors.
    4. Demonstrating a gender bias.
    5. Not making eye contact.
    6. Spreading negativity.
    7. Not taking the interview seriously.
    8. Not doing research.
    9. Showing poor judgment. 
    10. Getting stuck on the phone.
    11. Saying you just wanted the money.
    12. Making sexist comments.

For a discussion of each point, click the image. In your career journey, do not not knock yourself out of the box.

Interview Mistakes to Avoid
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