If you want to move into social media management — or get promoted in a social media career path, this post is for you. Prepping for a Social Media Manager Career.

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Advice for Prepping for a Social Media Manager Career

As reported by Vahe Habeshian, director of publications at MarketingProfs:

The social media manager role revolves around managing social media channels on a daily basis. But the work now bleeds over into other marketing areas as well. For example, in that social media marketing role you might be asked to create graphics, shoot, and edit videos. And even act the part of data analyst to interpret the metrics across the channels you manage.

To better understand the career path of the social media manager, the team from Socialinsider issued a collection of interviews. It consists of  insights from top social media professionals. Consisting of four chapters, Life of a Social Media Manager covers how to become the best social media manager you can be. How to get better at social media content. How to integrate social media into your daily marketing strategy. And how to handle situations in times of crisisAn infographic based on the book and compiled by easel.ly outlines its four chapter. Check it out.

To see the highlights, view the following infographic.

Prepping for a Social Media Manager Career

Next, click on the image of the book cover. Then, complete the short login to access a FREE copy. And read the complete 84-page book.

Prepping for a Social Media Manager Career

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