As we have noted many times, influencer marketing keeps growing, Thus, we offer further insights on influencer marketing. 

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From Inmar Intelligence: Further Insights on Influencer Marketing

Recently, Inmar Intelligence partnered with Retail Dive’s studioID and surveyed  retail executives about their influencer strategy. These are among the results they reported [To access the full report, a free login is required.]:

Quantifying the benefits of influencer marketing remains elusive. This is true for many brands. How do they know who the right influencers are. And more important, how can they tie their spend to sales? While showing a return on investment?

We wanted to better understand the challenges and opportunities in influencer marketing. Therefore, we surveyed nearly 300 retail executives. The results revealed some misconceptions that highlight a vast opportunity for brands. To optimize their influencer strategy to boost sales. Let’s explore three misconceptions. As well as the solutions that can help brands level up their influencer marketing.

These are the misconceptions: 

    1. It’s too difficult to quantify ROI for influencer campaigns.
    2. Marketing budgets are finite. That means influencer marketing only increases by taking from other proven marketing techniques.
    3. Influencer marketing gets treated differently than other forms of digital media. Because it’s less targeted and limited to driving awareness.

To learn about the solutions, read the report. In chart format, we next excerpt selected key data from the report. They represent interesting findings. 

Further Insights on Influencer Marketing


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