Recently, we presented several posts with career information. For example, look at these two. Tips for Salary Negotiations. And Universum’s 2020 Rankings of Employers. Now, we present expert career advice – an infographic.’s Expert Career Advice – An Infographic is a popular career site we have have not featured before. Until today.

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Study the collected writings of our most successful entrepreneurs and you’ll find a lot of very useful stuff . Although as you plow through page after page of ideas, ‘clarity’ might not be the word that comes to mind! In the meantime, has gathered a handful of clarity to guide your next career steps. Our latest infographic presents 15 short quotes from top founders on how to succeed along with brief, direct instructions on how to embody those words of wisdom.

A common theme through our chosen quotes is adaptability. A flexible branch is less likely to snap and more likely to flourish and grow. As Jeff Bezos puts it, “If you’re not flexible, you’ll pound your head against the wall and you won’t see a different solution to a problem you’re trying to solve.”

We have uncovered words of wisdom from 15 successful founders that you can put into action to get ahead in your career. The founders quoted in the infographic below identify two approaches to being adaptable in your career: One, trust the process. You may need to try a lot – and fail a lot – before you reach a successful outcome. Two, trust yourself. Don’t wait for an opportunity that fits – find the opportunity you want, and make it fit.

Expert Career Advice - An Infographic

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